Kasey McKellar (born 3 November 2000) aged 16, is a Britsh-Actor who rose to fame in January 2014, when he landed the role of hard-hitting teenager, Bailey Wharton, from the recent CBBC hit series, 'The Dumping Ground'. His character departed from the series, in 2017. Kasey also appeared in EastEnders in 2013, Waterloo Road in 2012, and played a minor role in Dani's House in 2009 and 2012. He also appeared in a short movie, entitled, 'Bully'. Alongside this, McKellar, also made a guest appearance in Sadie J in 2013, and auditioned for the fourth series of the show. He landed the part of Sadie's third new BFF. Unfortunately, the fourth series was cancelled and his character was written out. In 2017, McKellar, announced he had been casted a minor role, in CBBC's other recent hit, 'Hank Zipzer'.

McKellar was raised in Peck ham, London, and he was born there, in 2000. He is aged 16 years-old. He is half-African.

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