I have seen many things I wish I hadn't seen, and I know it has changed the way I am.

–- Kazima talking about her past.

Kazima Tako is a character from The Dumping Ground. Who served as a main and regular character for 4 series. She is not living in Denmark with her father, Hakim and older brother, Amir.



Kazima was brought up in Somalia, Africa. She was forced to flee her home with her mother after her father and brother were attacked by a group of rebels. Separated from her father and brother, Kazima and her mother eventually made their way to a refugee camp, only for Kazima's mother to perish after drinking contaminated water at the camp. Evetually gaining passage to England, Kazima ended up living on the streets, homeless. She was eventually befriended by Frank, after he found her sleeping in a shop doorway and gave her food. In an act of kindness, Kazima repaid Frank by allowing him to stay with her after he got into debt gambling with a man named Danny and was forced to stay away from his flat to avoid Danny.

Throughout The Dumping Ground

Kazima was first introduced as a guest character in the episode "Finding Frank", until being reintroduced as a main character 7 episodes later in "Hope ".

Series 2

At some point, Kazima had learnt to pickpocket. She used this in Finding Frank after she discovered that Frank had pawned his grandfather's watch as money to play another game against Danny. After paying for Frank's watch, however, she ended up having an encounter with Rick, Tee, Bailey and Carmen, who were looking for Frank as they had not seen him in weeks. Kaz pretended to faint, then scarpered, taking Rick's phone (which he had used to take a photograph of) with her.

Unfortunately for Kaz, she ended up encountering the others again at Queen's Park after Frank was spotted by an eyewitness and the others went to investigate. At the insistence of Frank's friends, she led Carmen and Rick (refusing to take the others) to underneath a bridge, where she and Frank had been staying. Whilst there, Kaz showed and returned Frank that she had reclaimed the watch, to Frank's relief as he had pawned it for another game. However, she took it back off Frank after discovering that he was going to play another game of poker. Carmen convinced Kazima to take Frank back to the Dumping Ground, which she did after Frank returned to the block of flats to play one last game where Rick and Kazima discovered that Jen, Frank's new girlfriend, was in league with Danny and scamming Frank out of his money. Rick also convinced Kazima to come to Ashdene Ridge with the offer of hot food and not having to answer any questions she did not wish.

At the Dumping Ground, Kazima met up with Frank's other friends, including Faith and Johnny, where she formulated a plan - Faith would pretend to have lost her engagement ring at Frank's, Kaz would pretend to find it, and she would trade the ring for Frank's money and keeping quiet about the whereabouts of the ring. Whilst there, however, Kazima surreptitiously took Frank's chain off Danny (who had taken it at some point). On discovering this and concluding he had been scammed (after discovering Faith's phone number was a fake), Danny gave chase. Luckily, Mike arrived having been tipped off about the plan by Bailey, only to receive a telling off by May-Li afterward as the plan was dangerous.

Kaz returned Frank's watch, but scarpered on discovering that Mike was going to have a word about her with children's services and feared being deported.

Kazima was found by the time of Hope, where she was taken to live at Ashdene Ridge and made to share a room with Carmen. Carmen however, hated living with Kazima, climaxing in Kazima taking Carmen's perfume and splashing all of it on her shirt after Carmen complained that she stank and did not live by Carmen's rules. Kazima moved in with Frank for the night, but was found out the following morning after May-Li smelt Kazima thanks to Carmen's perfume.

After receiving a telling off from Mike, Kazima decided to sleep in the garage. She told Mo what she would be doing, who told Carmen and Frank, all of whom agreed to keep this a secret.

Series 3

In Party Games, an open day was held at the Dumping Ground, where the wallets of the guests went missing. The following day, Kazima ended up being accused of theft on the grounds that she had stolen from others before, to which Kazima retorted that she only did it to fend for herself on the streets. She later helped Tyler after she found him poking around her room in an attempt to find the stolen wallets and clear his mother from being a suspect. They found the stolen wallets in the attic, but did not learn that they had been planted there by Ryan.

In The Long Way Home, Tyler found a trombone in a skip and proceeded to annoy the others with his attempts to play it, leading them to retaliate by grabbing instruments from the skip and playing them badly. Seeking peace and quiet in the garden, Kazima revealed to Tyler that her father used to play the saxophone and helped him to play it properly.

Series 4

Series 5


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  • Kazima is the first refuge character introduced in the Tracy Beaker franchise.
  • Kazima is also the first homeless character introduced in the series.