Kazima: I want to do something that will help people, people like Alex. He just needs to be given a chance. He's all right. He's a good boy. He's got goodness in his heart, I know it.

–Kazima talking about Alex to Mike and May-Li.

Throughout The Dumping Ground

Series 5 


Kazima: You're not going to stop me from being with my father.

Alex: I'm not stopping you.

Kazima: You causing trouble makes me want to leave here faster. You're turning everyone against you, everyone who lives here, and Mike and May-Li are running out of patience with you. Sort yourself out, or you'll never have a happy ever after.

Alex: Everyone I ever trusted has left me. Everybody I ever cared about just goes. You, George. My mum. After she left, my dad would go away for days. I've learnt to look after myself because... ..everyone who just pretends to care just leaves. You talk about a family. And a home. I don't know what those things are.

Kazima: No. This here... this is your home. And everyone here is your family.

–Kazima and Alex's talk in Farvel, after Alex acts out after finding out about Kazima leaving to live with her father.