Kingsley Jackson
Birth Name: Kingsley Jackson
Alias(es): N/A
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: White
Family Jody Jackson, Denise Jackson and Luke Jackson.
Relationships: Past: Ex-Girlfriend One For Sorrow.
First Appearance: S.O.S
Last Appearance: Two For Joy.
Portrayed by: David Avery

Kingsley Jackson (formerly Kingsley Gray) is a character from The Dumping Ground. He is Jody Jackson's eldest brother. He made his final appeared in Jody in Wonderland as the main antagonist.


Tracy Beaker Returns

Season Three

Kingsley (at this point unnamed) lived with his mother, his siblings (Luke and Jody (whom he nicknamed "Monkey")) and a dog in a house. Despite not being the head of the family, Kingsley dominated over the other members of the house, comitting crimes with his friends. After their mother had an altercation with the neighbours, Jody was taken into care, while the other Jacksons fled the house with their dog.

It is unknown what became of the dog as it is never mentioned again. The closest we get to this is Jody saying that she once had to eat dog food.

The Dumping Ground

Season One

Months later, the Jacksons moved into a new home and Jody was permitted to move in with them. Gina, Tyler and Carmen paid a visit after Jody had moved in and on the surface everything seemed fine; Kingsley had apparently got himself a job and had showered Jody with numerous gifts including new dresses and a mobile phone. However, when Tyler and Carmen met Kingsley, he shooed them out, claiming that he and Jody were going to do an activity together with the rest of the family. He then went on to tell Gina that the family did not want Jody to mix with the care kids anymore.

The following day, Jody visited the Dumping Ground and brought numerous presents. After Mike was persuaded to let Jody stay the night, Carmen learnt from Jody that she did not go on an outing with Kingsley after all, said that she did not deserve nice things and that Kingsley would invite his friends with their noisy cars and their mum was too scared to tell him off.

The following day, Kingsley came with his mother to speak to Jody. In front of the other adults, he apologised for what he had said to Jody, but quietly threatened her that there would be consequences if Jody did not return the presents that she had given the other Dumping Ground kids - the "presents" were in fact stolen goods.

When Jody returned home, Kingsley found that a tablet computer was missing (having been taken by Tee). Kingsley (wrongly) blamed Jody for this, took away his presents to her, stuffed her room with goods as though it were the store room of a shop and locked her in her bedroom.

A couple of days later, Kingsley returned home to find that Carmen and Tyler had snuck their way into the house to see Jody. He threatened Carmen and Tyler that there would be consequences if they reported how Jody was being treated to the authorities, only for Gina to arrive (to the relief of the care kids). Tyler told Gina that Kingsley was keeping stolen goods, leading to Kingsley declaring that Tyler was making up stories about the goods being stolen and declared that he had rights, only for Gina to shut him up. It was then that Luke stood up to Kingsley as well, telling him he wasn't afraid of him and that he was only staying until Jody was safe. As a result of what had happened, Jody was taken back to Elm Tree House.

Season Two

In the episode Jody in Wonderland, it was learnt that Kingsley was charged with breaking and entering and handling stolen goods. He was consequently being put on trial for this and sent to jail.

Season Four

Whilst in jail, Kingsley was made to take classes and was released by the time of the episode One For Sorrow where he was now living in a flat. On learning of this, Jody started making secret visits to the flat, stealing other peoples' belongings from the Dumping Ground, with the intention of moving in to live with Kingsley and in the episode Two For Joy, went to Kingsley's flat and refused to return to Ashdene Ridge.

Whilst living there, Kingsley also got himself a girlfriend who lied that she owed money to a gang. In Two For Joy, Jody let Kingsley sell a carriage clock belonging to Mike, where he eventually got the idea for Jody to leave the front door of Ashdene Ridge open so he could steal more belongings. Kingsley then left the flat, unaware that Jody was still inside. When he did come back, finding his flat on fire, Kingsley ran off. He did eventually return when Jody was rescued, only for Kingsley's girlfriend to reveal what Kingsley had done, returned the carriage clock and revelaed that the gang was a lie. Seeing that he had in fact not changed, Jody yelled at Kingsley and his girlfriend broke up with him.