Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Light
Home: Burnywood

Elm Tree House (temporarily)

Special home [1]

First Appearance: The Visitors
Last Appearance: Firestarter
Portrayed by: Eleni Foskett

Kitty is a very withdrawn girl who makes her first appearance in the first episode of the third series of Tracy Beaker Returns after there is a fire at her previous care home, Burnywood.

She enjoys sewing and tried to fix Carmen's' burnt dresses when they were burnt by the fire, turning them into a pillow so Carmen could keep them as memories. Carmen tries to hug her in thanks but she flinches away, and Carmen says she understands. Kitty and Rick are like brother and sister but are just friends. Rick is very protective of Kitty, and the only person she allows to touch her. In episode 1 she pushes Tracy down the stairs when she puts her arm around her to take her outside and again with Tee pushing her away accidentally when she tries to hug her. In episode 3 it is revealed she has been put in a special home with trained experts who can look after her better due to her needs. Kitty is shy and awkward but not mean. Kitty is medium height with short brown wavy hair and brown eyes. She often wears a long pink cardigan with a brown watch and pink pattern leggings and plain white shoes, and in firestarter she is seen wearing a pink dress.

Kitty possibly suffers from an uncommon mental disorder called autism, which could affect people going near her as they have to stay a distance away from her. She doesn't like people touching her and only lets Rick touch her. Whenever someone touched her she thrusts her arms out pushing them away, and this caused Tracy a dramatic tumble down the stairs. Dennis had warned Tracy about Kitty's unpredictable behavior, but Tracy ignored his rude and selfish attitude and is shocked that Dennis is not doing anything about Kitty not getting her special care or anything.


Kitty is a very shy, quiet and awkward girl who is happier to be left alone in her room. She can't stand people touching her, due to her possible mental disorder. She is a very good sewer and makes friends with Tee, as they have something in common.


It is unknown about Kitty's Family and why she was put in care.It is also unknown why she doesn't like people touching her and only lets Rick touch her.


  • She is mentioned in series 3, episode 3 when Johnny Taylor Says to Tyler "They should have sent you to the special home, not Kitty."


  1. "You should have gone to the special home, not Kitty" Johnny, Shadows

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