Liam's Story
Series 2, Episode X
Air date 23/3/14
Written by Elly Brewer & Matt Evans
Directed by Jermain Julien
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Liam's Story was a 10-part series of webisodes broadcasted on CBBC's website. The episodes were made available to the public on the same day episodes 3-12 of season 2 of The Dumping Ground premiered. The episodes have also been edited into a compilation format and broadcasted on the CBBC Channel, the first instance of this being on 23 March 2014.


Liam, now a trainee plumber, has dreams of becoming a talent agent. On hearing a girl named Poppy sing, Liam thinks she is the answer to his prayers. Will he achieve his dreams, or will it all end in a nightmare?


The episode opens with a woman (a personal assistant) walking up to Liam (seated behind a desk like a school headmaster) to tell him how successful he is doing. She explains that Liam is number 1 in the US, France and Germany and is number 2 in New Zealand. Liam is not happy to hear that he is number 2 (as opposed to being number 1) and sacks her, but then asks her for a glass of water. The assistant promptly chucks one into Liam's face. It turns out Liam was dreaming and Jack threw a glass of water in his face to wake him up.

Liam is now studying to become a plumber, but is not enthused by the idea at all. On this particular day, Liam is asked to change a washer, but messes up this task by not checking that the water has been turned off, leading to water spewing out from where Liam has taken off the tap.

Later, after the lesson, Liam is at the lockers and ends up being hassled by his classmates. They mock him for the fact he was in care and that the he will be unemployed next year after he leaves college. They then leave him alone, but Liam has been upset and slumps to the ground. However, he then overhears Poppy singing, and decides to record her with the video camera he carries around with him. Liam has got a crush.

The following day, Jack susses out that Liam has met a girl, based on how quiet Liam was when he came back from college yesterday. He notices Liam's video camera, takes it off him and sees Poppy.

Liam decides that he is going to speak to Poppy, but does not know how to go about it. He sees her a few times in the college, but cannot work up the courage to talk to her. After spilling a sandwich on to her (after having his arm shoved by one of his classmates) Liam believes his chances have gone down the pan. However, that same day, Liam is playing guitar in the theatre and ends up being approached by Poppy, asking if he is using the venue. He says that he is not and goes to leave, but Poppy allows him to stay. Liam apologises for what happened with the sandwich, but Poppy has forgiven Liam. He tells her that she heard her singing and ends up admitting that he recorded Poppy on camera. Embarassed at what he has said, Liam goes to leave, but Poppy tells him "the answer's yes". Poppy and Liam have hooked up.

The following day, Liam tries to tell Poppy that he is a talent scout and that he can make her career take off. She says she will think about having him as her manager and goes off somewhere else. Liam then encounters his teacher, who cocks his head to tell him to get inside.

Later that day, Liam is in the library, when he notices someone stick up a poster for a talent competition. Liam goes to sign Poppy up, only to encounter a queue, which he gets rid of by activating a fire alarm. He signs up Poppy, and then tells her about this later at his house.

The following day, Jack drives Liam to college and offers to take Liam out to pizza after Liam's practical exam. Liam agrees.

Later, Liam is with Poppy in the theatre, who is pratising for the talent show later. Poppy reveals that she knows Liam used to live in care, that she does not have to lie to her and says that it must have been hard not having a family. Liam, however, likens Mike to being a father, Frank to being a brother and Tracy to being a big sister.

Later that day, the talent contest starts, but Liam has to leave before he can hear Poppy's performance as he is running late for his practical (the talent show and practical started at the same time). He gets to the workshop and finds his teacher and a disappointed Jack. Jack leaves, not wanting to hear excuses and Liam tries to chase after him. He instead encounters Poppy, who tells him they have won. This however, fails to cheer up Liam, who is upset over letting Jack down.

As a conequence for not turning up for his practical, Jack arranges Liam to do plumbing related work for the next door neighbour. At college the following day, Liam also learns that he has now been assigned work experience at a building site. He then goes to see Poppy, where he tells her about his new song "12 Tiny Hours" and has also made numerous posters to get her gigs. However, Jack comes across them and is annoyed that Liam is still not focused on plumbing.

Later that night, Liam receives a phone call telling him that Poppy has got a gig tomorrow! Slight problem: his work experience starts tomorrow as well!

The following day, Liam does indeed go to his work expereince, but leaves partway through and steals his mentor's minivan to find Poppy and to take her to the gigs. Unfortunately, the gigs consist of busking in the street during a downpour and a performance at an old peoples' bingo hall. Consequently, Poppy breaks up with Liam and the minibus gets a parking ticket.

Jack decides that he will personally drive Liam to college, as he believes that Liam cannot be trusted. Before they leave however, they spot a speeding car. Jack calls for backup and gives chase. The man is apprehended and Liam records the incident with his camera, noting that the man is a famous footballer. However, Jack returns to the car and tells Liam he is not to tell anyone about the incident that has just happened.

Later at college, Liam learns from his teacher that he is forbidden from going to the building site. The teacher tries to reason with Liam that he is trying to give him a chance, but Liam fobs him off. Later, Liam goes to upload Poppy's performance of "12 Tiny Hours" (which he recorded when she was busking) to a website. The song hits 500 likes, much to Liam's joy.

Liam goes to tell Poppy and says that he is going to arrange to have her record her song in a studio, but Poppy points out that this will cost money. Liam tries various schemes to raise money, including pretending to be from a charity, busking, pretending to be a tour guide and attempting to beg the money off Jack. He eventually decides to sell the pictures of the disgraced footballer to a newspaper.

Using the cash, Liam is able to pay for a recording studio, but Poppy does not show up until 15 minutes before the slot Liam booked ends. However, she still manages to record the song.

Later at home, Jack offers to take Liam away on holiday, but then receives a phone call from his superiors. After the call is over, he confronts Liam that because he sold the pictures to the newspapers, Jack is now receiving a disciplinary hearing. Liam tries to apologise but this falls on deaf ears. Unable to stand living in the same house as his brother, Liam runs away from home.

Liam goes to Ashdene Ridge, where he knocks on the door, which is answered by Mo. Pushing his way in, Liam asks where Frank is, only to learn he is out at the cinema with Johnny. Mo offers to get Mike, but Liam tells him not to and leaves Ashdene Ridge.


  • Liam and Jack's first appearances since season 3 of Tracy Beaker Returns.
  • Jack is now played by Chris Finch, as opposed to having Calum Callaghan (the actor from TBR) reprise his role. Consequently, Jack is now shorter than Liam and lacks a Cockney accent and is appears to be much older than Calum Callaghan appeared.
  • Chris Finch is the sixth actor to have appeared in Doctor Who before appearing in a Tracy Beaker programme.
  • Episode 10 ends on a cliffhanger that leads directly into the season 2 finale of The Dumping Ground.


  • In Part 7, look carefully at the computer screen when Liam is uploading "12 Tiny Hours". Although the upload bar changes showing that an upload is taking place, the numbers do not change and remain static. Also, the dialogue box displays contradictory statistics. For instance, on one part of the dialogue box, it shows "02:20" until the rest of the file is uploaded, yet further down the same box, it claims it is "00:02" until the file is fully uploaded.

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