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Liam O'Donovan was a character introduced in Tracy Beaker Returns . He made his first appearance in the first episode of series 1 . Liam's portrayed by Richard Wisker , and starred in Tracy Beaker Returns, The Dumping Ground and his own webisode spin-off series Liam's Story .

Liam was the most popular resident whilst he was living in the Dumping Ground. He was best friends with Frank Matthews and was pretty close with Toby Coleman too. Liam got on with everyone apart from Elektra, and he also clashed with Johnny Taylor often. He did take an immediate dislike to Lizanne when she arrived, as he could see she was bad news and a user, especially when she and Frank become an item. The kids looked up to him as their leader before he went to live with his brother Jack.


Liam was born in 1997 in a hospital, but as soon as he was born his mother just abandoned him at the hospital and was immediately taken into the care system. Liam has been through many foster homes and care homes. At some point in his life he was unlucky to find himself living at Burnywood, but he eventually was placed into Elm Tree House. Every foster home for Liam didn't work out, but he always took it well and acted like it was nothing. In 2012, Liam found out her had a brother called Jack, and like his mother did with him, she also abandoned Jack at the hospital after giving birth to him. 

Throughout Tracy Beaker Returns

Liam appeared in all 3 series of Tracy Beaker Returns.

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Throughout The Dumping Ground

Liam returned during the time that the second series of The Dumping Ground was being aired in early 2014 in his own webisode spin-off, Liam's Story. It consisted of 10 Parts, with the final part ending on a slight cliffhanger that was resolved in the series 2 finale of The Dumping Ground. Liam made a guest appearance in the finale episode, "Face the Music". And while he hasn't appeared since, he has been mentioned on numerous occasions and photographs of him can be seen in a few episodes too.

Liam's Story

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4


Tracy Beaker Returns: Series 1

Tracy Beaker Returns: Series 2

Tracy Beaker Returns: Series 3

The Dumping Ground: Series 2

The Dumping Ground: Series 3

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