Gina: You should be ashamed of yourselves. Pretending to be a care worker! (Faith) Gambling! (Frank & Tyler) Stealing Johnny's money, and then locking him and Tee in the coal bunker! Well, I'm going to be docking your allowances until you've paid Johnny back AND the petty cash! You put yourselves at risk! It was a stupid and irresponsible thing to do. You could have got hurt - or worse! Thank goodness Tee phoned me when she did. In all the years that I have known Mike, this is the first holiday he's taken. If he knew how you'd let him down, he'd never take another one. And, so, for that reason and that reason alone, this stays between us! Have I made myself clear?

Liberty in the DG was the second episode of The Dumping Ground. It was orignally broadcast back-to-back with the previous episode Home Alone under the title Freedom on the CBBC Channel on 4th January 2013.


Still home alone, the Dumping Ground kids find that the fridge has been exhausted of food and face starvation. Meanwhile, Elektra tries to get herself a free trip to Australia.


  • The original back-to-back broadcast cut the start where Gus receives a message on his mobile phone from Mike on holiday. On the other hand, the back-to-back broadcast shows Harry and Jody getting off the bouncy castle and heading for the kitchen, which is not present in the individual broadcasts.
  • This is the last time Mr. Hamster is mentioned.
  • Jody mentions that she had a pet meelworm once.
  • This is the only series premiere of The Dumping Ground to have footage cut on its original broadcast.
  • During the filming for this episode, Philip Graham Scott (Harry) got stuck at the top of a bouncy castle when it was re-inflated for a take.


  • When Jody yells at Harry "I'm higher than you", the subtitles identify her as "Boy:" instead of "Jody:"
  • Look closely at the e-mail Faith looks up on the computer screen, and you can see that the word application is spelt "applicatdion".
  • It is unknown why Lily (or none of the other kids) suggested going to Lily's dad's flat for food.