The folllowing is a list of episodes of the Britsh CBBC televison series The Story of Tracy Beaker .

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale Prod. line
1 26 8th July 2002 14 October 2002 1xx
2 26 10th July 2003 1 October 2003 2xx
3 27 12th February 2004 7 May 2004 3xx
4 27 3rd July 2004 19 November 2004 4xx
5 20 1st January 2006 March 2006 5xx

Series One: The Best of Me (2002)

No. Title Air date Prod.


1 "Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground " 8 July, 2002  1.1
After being kicked out by Ted and Juile, Tracy Beaker is seen being sent to Stowey House and meeting her previous care-workers, even she ex-best friend, Louise Goven, who is now friends with Justine Littlewood. Outraged, Tracy breaks Justine's Mickey Mouse clock, her dad gave her and escapes only to meet Ben Batambuze, who she thinks lives in the streets. Meanwhile, Ryan and Zac, Tracy's cousins, try and fix Justine's clock, as a cosequence.
2 "Dares " 15 July, 2002 1.2
When Zac and Ryan hear something downstairs, they see Tracy, who is trying to find out where her mum lives. After this, to win her old bedroom back, Tracy decides to go head-to-head in a game of Dares with Justine.
3 "Sneaking in Ben" 22 July, 2002 1.3

Since Louise decides to chose Justine, over Tracy, she decides to meet with her close friend, Ben again. But, after a failed encount with a visitor, Tracy is not allowed to have anymore visitors, by Jenny. Then, she decides to sneak him in. As well as this, Duke is trying to hunt down the rats in his kitchen, whilst Ryan and Zac try to capture it.

4    "Cam's First Visit"                                                                             29 July, 2002               1.4

There isn't much activity at Stowey House, until the care-workers invite writer Cam Lawson to the house. Everyone is excited, including Tracy, who wants to be an author when she is older. Immediately, she wants to make a good impression and decides to borrow some of teenager Adele's makeup. After this, Mike is tricked by Adele to get a late-night pass. Once she meets Cam, Tracy ends up in a fight with new girl Justine Littlewood, when she provokes her.

5  "Child of the Week"                                                                            29 July, 2002             1.5

Excitedly, Tracy gets voted Child of the Week, by ther care-workers, which she is very happy about, only to find that Louise also gets voted Child of the Week, as well. Elaine arranges for them both to be in the newspaper but once Tracy doesn't like the picture she decides to remake it. As well as, Duke starts a healthy food regime, but the children pretend to eat it.        

6  "The Truth is Revealed"                                                                     5 August, 2002          1.6

When Justine gets money from her dad, she forces all the Dumping Ground to help her decorate her room. A jealous Tracy leaves Stowey House to meet Ben, who is believed to be living on the streets. Unfortunately, they come back to Stowey House, where he falls off a tree and Mike gets his mum to collect him and Tracy discovers he is not homeless.

7     "Birthday "                                                                                         5 August, 2002            1.7

It's Tracy's birthday and she is trying her absoulte best to act cynical and attached, though serectly wanting to recieve something from her mum. To her dismay, it is also Peter Ingham's birthday and she doesn't want anything to do with him. At her party, Tracy recieves a birthday from her mum, only to find it's from Peter

8    "The 1000 Words About Tracy"                                                            12 August 2002            1.8

Cam Lawson returns to Stowey House wanting to interview Tracy for an article in the news about children in care. Utterely excited, Tracy wants Cam to find out where her mum is, only to find that she can't find her. But, unfortunately, Tracy's time with Cam is ruined when Louise and Justine ask her to make a documentary about her life in care.

9  "Bad Peter "                                                                                         12 August 2002              1.9

When Tracy is being taken out for the day by couple Terry and Jill, she find out that they are old. Horrified to see this, they end up with Peter and he enjoys spending time with them. According to the couple, Tracy is too loud and lively for them so she worries they'd want to foster him, instead. Tracy decides to tell Peter to be naughty so they don't foster him bringing chaos.

10 "Cam's House "                                                                                     19 August 2002              1.10

It's busy Saturday at Stowey House as everyone is going out; Tracy is visting Cam Lawson, the struggling author, Louise is visting a realtive and Ryan and Zac are watching a football game.

11 "Dumping Ground Virus "                                                                      19 August 2002             1.11

Once everyone is ill in Stowey House with a virus, Tracy and Adele must take care of everyone and cater to Tracy, Justine, Louise , Ryan and Zac every need. Until Elaine, her social-worker, arrives at tries to help everyone, so they try to get rid of her.

12  "Justine's Telly"                                                                                    26 August 2002              1.12

Tracy is extremely excited when she finds herself editor of the Dumping Ground newsletter and is determined to find an exciting story. Meanwhile, Justine gets a new television from her dad and makes everyone pay to watch it. Just then, Tracy gets a idea for her newsletter.

13   "Tracy and Cam Row "                                                                          26 August 2002              1.13

Since Cam doesn't hurry up to foster Tracy, she becomes increasily worried. Banning from phoning her, Tracy -enlist Ben's to finally see Cam in person. When they break into her house, they rearrage the furinutre, eat food and play music. While this is happening, Justine and Louise make a care-wash at the Dumping Ground for money for Stowey House.

14    "Sleepover "                                                                                         3 September 2002          1.14

Louise, Tracy and Justine plan to have a sleepover, as they have been invited to one, only to find out that the rules of the care-home don't allow them to. So, the girls have their own sleepover. Causing the boys to go dumping with Duke.

15    "Parent's Evening "                                                                                3 September 2002       1.15

It's Parent's Evening at Tracy's school and Elaine has to check with her teacher how she is acting. Elaine is worried about Tracy's schooling and is expecting a bad report – if she gets to see Tracy's teacher that is. Meanwhile, Peter has trouble with a bully, so the boys pitch in to change his clothing style.

16    "The Postcard"                                                                                          10 September 2002     1.16