character image
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 1998
Age: 14 (as of TBR S3)
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Colour: Light
Home: Burnywood (prior to Series 3 TBR)
Elm Tree House (temporarily)
Mother's Household
Portrayed by: Lauren Mote

Lizanne (played by Lauren Mote) is a guest character who appears in Series 3 of Tracy Beaker Returns. She appears at the care home due to a fire at Burnywood which she caused by leaving her hair straighteners on overnight.

She has to share a room with Elektra but their personalities clash so she asks Johnny if she can have his room, he says yes and decides to share a room with Tee. She apparently steals money from Johnny and later on asks Liam and Frank for some money. Frank gives in and gives her some which she then gives him a kiss back, and Frank starts to fall for her.

It was revealed then that she is in care because her mother has mental health problems and has been sectioned. When the girls tricked her into thinking that Liam was rich, she kissed him in front of Frank. At the end of Firestarter, her mum is discharged from hospital and she is able to go home. While she is leaving, Johnny finds his money and judging by Franks' face, Lizanne did steal it.