Lol Plakova
Birth Name: Laurence Plakova
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 1990
Age: 16 (TSOTB S5)[1]
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: White
Social Worker: Elaine
Home: Stowey House
Elm Tree House
Unnamed halfway house
First Appearance: Back and Bad
Last Appearance: The Wedding
Portrayed by: Ciaran Joyce

Laurence "Lol" Plakova is the brother of Bouncer. He is very mischeivious and loves junk food. When Bouncer leaves the halfway house, he is very upset, and cancels all activities with his "mate" Wolfie. He too leaves the dumping ground for the halfway house in series 5, Lol is one year older than Tracy.

Behind the scenes

  • Ciaran Joyce plays Lol in all his appearences
  • In series 2 and 3 he is quite close to Tracy an example is that Tracy asks him to dine with her and Cam rather than Crash or Jackie
  • Lol may be a replacement for Zac a character in series 1.