Luke Jackson
character image
Birth Name: Luke Jackson
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 1995
Age: 18 (as of TDG S2)[1]
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Home: His mum's houses
First Appearance: S.O.S.
Last Appearance: Jody in Wonderland
Portrayed by: James Bartlett

Luke Jackson is a character from the Dumping Ground. He is one of Jody's older brothers.


Tracy Beaker Returns

Season Three

Luke (at this point unnamed) lived with his mother, his siblings Kingsley and Jody, and their dog. After their mother was involved with an altercation with a neighbour, he, his mother, brother and the dog fled their house, while Jody was taken into care.

It is unknown what became of the dog. Aside from Jody saying she had to eat dog food once, it is never mentioned again.

The Dumping Ground

Season One

Prior to the episode S.O.S., Luke, his brother and mother were rehoused by the council and consequently Jody was allowed to return to live with her brothers. When Gina came to visit the Jacksons, it was learnt that Luke had taken up a course in Graphic Design.

When it later transpired that Kingsley had been handling stolen goods and was intimidating the family, Luke said to his mother that there was no chance of the family being a proper one with Kingsley still around and then said to Kingsley that he was not scared of him and was only staying until Jody was safe.

Season Two

Months later, Luke, his mother and Jody received latters from the Police requesting them to give statements regarding Kingsley, who had been charged with breaking and entering, as well as handling stolen goods. Luke and his mother initially refused to give statements, fearing the consequences if Kingsley was not found guilty. However, after Jody gave a statement to the police, Luke suggested to his mum that they give statements too, though this fell on deaf ears.


  1. He was 17 applying for a college in TDG S1 (S.O.S.).