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Matt Perry seeing Lilly

Matthew 'Matt' Perry
is foster parent of Rosie and Poppy Kettle. He is married to Christie Perry and they are very over-protective of Poppy and Rosie


Matt and his wife Christie foster the Kettle sisters Lily, Rosie and Poppy. Whilst staying there Lily contines her motherly role to Poppy and Rosie which confuses the girls. Rob, their social worker, comes and takes Lily back to Elmtree so she can adjust to not having to look after them. However, Tracy intervenes which make Poppy cry and Matt and Christie take the girls inside. Later, him and Christie decide to let Lily come back and live with them. He makes a doorsign for Lily but misspells her name 'Lilly'. In the end Lily decides not to return in fear of ruining it for her younger sisters. Both Matt and Christie are against the idea of the children seeing Steve. In the end Matt and Christie let Steve and Lily see the girls whenever they want.

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