May-Li Wang
May Li
Birth Name: May-Li Wang
Character type: Main
Gender: Female
Birth Date: N/A
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Pale
Home: Ashdene Ridge
Occupation: Careworker at Ashdene Ridge
First Appearance: Jody in Wonderland
Portrayed by: Stacy Liu

May-Li Wang is a care worker at Ashdene Ridge. She is funny and kind. When someone is unhappy, she talks to them and tries to please them. She loves football and supports Liverpool going as far as taking part in the TV challenge choosing the football in Endurance.

In Coming Round, it is revealed that May-Li is a lesbian and has two adopted children. May-Li has a visit from her grandmother, PoPo, who she hasn't seen for years. The kids want PoPo to teach them kung fu after impressing them with some and May-Li agrees to let her. When Jody reckons PoPo is the best grandmother and hints that she and PoPo should make up, May-Li talks to Jody about how PoPo doesn't accept her family as her partner is a woman. May-Li and PoPo discuss what would happen if she took over the business and PoPo makes it clear that May-Li's children aren't her family as she didn't give birth to them. After a kung fu contest, May-Li gives PoPo the chance to meet her children. Later, May-Li receives a family heirloom from PoPo, her great-great-grandfather's diary. Kazima has to undergo an age assesment test to prove she is a minor to remain in the UK. Jasna (Dolya Gavanski) gives Kazina the results and they have determined her birth year as 1997, meaning she is 18 and will have to be deported. May-Li comforts Kazima, assuring her they are going to appeal the decision and Carmen arranges for Kazima's appeal to be filmed.