Thanks for helping me realise I've got a mind of my own.

–- Melissa thanking Elektra.

Melissa Valentine (née Perkins) is the older sister of Elektra Perkins, and made her first and only appearance in the Tracy Beaker Returns episode "Going Home.


Compared to Elektra, she is the golden girl and she daren't stand up to her parents, the way Elektra does. Melissa was kind of a pushover as she did whatever her parents told.

Tracy Beaker Returns

Series Three

Melissa shows up at Elm Tree House and whilst talking to Gina, she reveals she is studying Dental Hygiene. Most of the residents are present and snigger when Melissa reveals Elektra's real name, Mandy. Melissa tells Elektra that the reason for her visit is to ask Elektra to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. Melissa takes Elektra shopping to get a bridesmaid dress and they buy a peach coloured dress, which is puffy. Mandy reluctantly agrees to let Elektra keep the blue in her hair. When Melissa and Elektra take a break in a cafe, Melissa persuades Elektra to meet mum and dad at home for lunch before the wedding.

When their mum, Marilyn Perkins, gives Elektra a vegetarian lasange, Melissa offers to swap with her sister, but Marilyn insists she bought it especially for Elektra to try and get on with her. Melissa finds her self stuck between her mum and sister when Marilyn is about to chop off some of her natural brown hair, so they can get rid of the blue for the wedding. Melissa caves into her mother and says it would be better.

Bernard asks Elektra not to tell Harvey she's in care. When Elektra asks why, Melissa tells her they said she was at boarding school as Harvey kept asking her where she was. Tracy susses out thats why they pasted her into a random school photo and Elektra storms out, clearly upset,

After she burnt her bridesmaid dress, Elektra rings the wedding venue, pretending to be her mum and cancels the wedding. Melissa goes round to Elm Tree House and gives Elektra some white doc martens. Elektra feels guilty and confesses to Melissa that there isn't going to be a wedding and Sapphire tells Melissa that Elektra cancelled the wedding. When Melissa rings up, she is hurt when the booking has gone to someone off the critical list.

Elektra later recieves the doc martens and a photograph with a message on the back from Melissa, which tells Elektra that she and Harvey got married in a field. It also said that Melissa has forgiven Elektra.

The Dumping Ground

Series One

When Elektra misinterprets an e-mail, convincing herself that Mike had given up on her and she was being moved on, Elektra was planning to go to Australia. When Gina gets back from hospital, Gina tells her that Melissa was wondering if she could move closer to her. However, due to Elektra's behaviour, Gina says she wouldn't let her go anyway even if she wanted too.

Series Two

In between Series 1 and 2 of The Dumping Ground, Elektra had left off screen to live with Melissa and Harvey.