Birth Name: Michael Grys
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Green
Skin Colour: Light
Family James Grys (older brother)
Social Worker: Elaine Boyack
First Appearance: Leavin' on a Jet Plane
Last Appearance: Good as Gold
Portrayed by: William Tomlin

Michael Grys is a character from The Story of Tracy Beaker.

Michael has quickly established himself as the Dumping Ground's most unpopular kid - bullying the little ones, snitching on the older ones and constantly sucking up to the staff.


Michael seems to have few redeeming qualities; he bullies and snitches on everyone and usually only does things to please himself. Due to his hostile personality, Michael isn't seen to have any close friends; he's known to be particularly spiteful to Jackie, often mocking her about her sick grandfather and her constant attempts to run away. He's also been known to provoke Crash on a number of occasions, yet hangs about with him the most out of all the children, suggesting they have a love-hate relationship.

In episode 5, Tracy realises that they could get rid of Michael for good if they could find someone to foster him. When Tracy stumbles across The Bygraves (ironically funeral directors), she reckons they might just be desperate enough to even consider Michael, only to discover too late that the Bygraves are unable to have children of their own.

It is strongly implied that Michael is bullied and isolated at school, as mentioned in episode 6 when the others mock him for "spending his lunchtimes alone." He even goes as far as to fake an injury to get out of school.

In episode 14, Michael and Crash come to blows when Elaine announces that a new kid, Wilson, is arriving; and one of them will have to share a room with him. In order to decide, they stage a contest which Michael ultimately rigs (with the help of Justine,) resulting in Crash being forced to share a room with Wilson.

However, Michael does occasionally show a more compassionate side; in episode 10, it's revealed that he has a brother, James, who ran away from his care home in order to take him away from the Dumping Ground. Michael eventually convinces him to go back and even loans his own pocket money to pay back the money James stole. He also goes to the trouble of helping Jackie participate in a race with her Grandfather by threatening to scratch the judge's car when he refuses to allow her to run. When the children make a time capsule in episode 16, Michael attempts to sabotage it by placing a bag of cheese among their stuff, only to take it out again when he realises Hayley wants to put in a photo of her mother. When the children stage a protest against Tracy being forced to leave the Dumping Ground, Michael is among them.

Behind the Scenes

He is potrayed by William Tomlin at the age of 12. William's date of birth is 20 July, 1991.

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