Mike Milligan
Birth Name: Michael Milligan
Alias(es): Mike, Mr Milligan, Michael Mulligan, Mr Mulligan.
Character type: Main (TSOTB Season 1, Season 5 to present
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 1965
Age: 52
Hair Colour: Brown (The Story of Tracy Beaker)
Grey (Tracy Beaker Returns, The Dumping Ground)
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Light
Family Unnamed Uncle, Unnamed Father, Unnamed Pet Dog.
Relationships: Sian (2014)
Occupation: Head Care Worker (2006-Present)

Care Worker (Unknown-2006)

Affiliations: Jenny Edwards, Duke Ellington, Cam Lawson, Elaine "the pain" Boyak, Gina Conway, Tracy Beaker, May-Li Wang.
First Appearance: Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground
Portrayed by: Connor Byrne

Michael (Mike) Milligan MBE - Is an assistant care worker in series one of Tracy Beaker, head cook and care worker in series 5 and also still head careworker in Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground. Tracy considers him to be her strongest father figure. Along with many other residents.

In Series 1 - Mike has been an assistant care worker at the Dumping Ground since Tracy was very small and cares very much for all of the children, even once taking the blame for when Tracy smashed a window with a football.. He is usually the one who lets the kids of lightly when they get into mischief, which makes him one of the more lighthearted members of staff. He leaves near the end of series one to work at a desperately short staffed childrens home as a head care worker. This makes Tracy very angry (as it was only short notice- he left the same day it was announced) and she then sells Mike's beloved guitar which he has had since he was young. She takes pity on him though and uses the money from the DVD player fund to buy him a new guitar, even though she refused to give him the strings until he got to his new work place. He later returned at the end of the series to say goodbye to Tracy as she left to live with Cam.

In Series 5 - Mike returns to the Dumping Ground to find that all but 3 of the original characters in series 1 had now left ( those three being Tracy, Justine and Elaine the Pain) and becomes the chef when Duke retires to live with his family. He is a terrible cook though, as all the food he made tasted vile (most notably burned cookies he tried to give the kids that were completely coated in pink icing sugar and mystery stew). Later that series when Shelley Appleton once again left he applied as head care worker, as suggested by the kids, and was accepted.

'In Series 6 ( Tracy Beaker Returns)-' A few years later Mike is still the head care worker of Elmtree House but Elaine has since departed and replaced with a man who rarely appeares called Rob. Mike is still as friendly and easy going as he was over 5 years before but has now aquired a more serious persona. Mike always tries to see the best in people and will do anything to help the kids. Tracy can make things tricky for Mike sometimes when she begins to work there and especially when she bends the rules, but they are still good friends.

In Series 7 ( Tracy Beaker Returns )- Mike is still head care worker of Elmtree House. Mike is suspended and nearly fired when Tracy lies to the police, but then he forgives her.

In Series 8 ( Tracy Beaker Returns )- Mike is still head care worker of Elmtree House. Near the end of the series he won an MBE to his services to childrens care (as nominated by Gus). He nearly didn't accept it as the kids could not decide who should go with him but after Tracy read his speech to them he decided to go. In the last episode he nearly dies when the ceiling of Sapphire's old flat collapses on him but is saved by Tracy. He escaped with a few cuts, bruises and a badly sprained leg. He continues to work at the Dumping Ground.

He appears in both Dumping ground series so far.


  • Mike is portrayed by Connor Byrne in all series he has appeared in.
  • In the credits of series 3 episode 12, his character is written as Mike MBE. In the next episode, it is back to Mike.
  • Mike is the only character (as well as Connor Byrne being the only actor) to appear in all Tracy Beaker related TV Shows - The Story of Tracy Beaker, Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground.
  • An animation of Mike appears in a dream sequence in Tracy Beaker's Movie of Me along with Jenny Edwards which depicts Tracy being taken to the dumping ground.

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