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Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Black and white (fur)
Eye Colour: Brown
Home: Ashdene Ridge
First Appearance: Mischief
Portrayed by: Sage

Mischief is The Dumping Ground's pet dog. He is played by Sage.



Mischief was owned by a man named Malcom Malone. Malcom was a retired soldier who had been unable to return to living a normal life and spent the remainder of his life living on the streets with Mischief.

One day, Bailey encountered Malcom and Mischief, where Malcom took Bailey's football and refused to return it. Bailey ended up in a fight with Malcom where he shoved the man over in the struggle. Malcom was consequently taken to hospital where he died. Bailey discovered this the following day when he passed through the same part of town again and learnt from a friend of Malcom that Mischief would be taken to a dog's home. Feeling responsible for Malcom's death, Bailey decided to take Mischief back to the Dumping Ground with him.

The Dumping Ground

Bailey locked Mischief in his bedroom. Mike, Tee and Johnny supported the idea of Bailey keeping Mischief, however this was opposed by May-Li as well as Ryan, who had a fear of dogs, though he did not voice his disapproval. Ryan let Mischief out of Bailey's room and had the dog follow a trail of crisps to Carmen's bedroom, where the dog consequently ruined one of Carmen's pillows. This incident changed the opinion of everyone in the DG and Bailey was subsequently ordered to get rid of Mischief. However, he instead locked him in the shed.

The following morning, Bailey took Mischief out of the shed for "walkies". This did not go unnoticed by Mike who was waiting for Bailey when he returned to The Dumping Ground. Mike had doubts about keeping Mischief, remembering that the kids had previously grown tired of Mike the Snake. Bailey, however, promised Mike that he could train Mischief and asked Mike to give him three days.

Bailey did indeed start training Mischief and even had Toni and Billie help him. This impressed Mike, who was happy to see Bailey interested in something other than football, though May-Li still had her reservations.

After three days, Bailey treated the other residents to a dog show, where everyone was impressed, though May-Li still had her reservations and Ryan was still afraid of Mischief.

After the show was over, Ryan went to the shed, cut Mischief's collar (that had been given to him by Bailey), then lured Mischief out of Ashdene Ridge with some meat.

Bailey discovered that Mischief was missing the following morning. Tee posted a picture of him on a website, where Mischief was quickly discovered to be near Bridgewater Road. Bailey went out to find Mischief, only to see Mischief hit by a car when the dog crossed the road to get to Bailey.

Bailey took Mischief to a vet, where it was learnt the dog was in shock and had suffered internal bleeding. Mike, having gone to meet Bailey at the vet, was not happy at the idea that he would have to pay for Mischief's operation (citing the fact they had not set up insurance) and told Bailey to let Mischief go. Bailey refused.

The kids (save for Bailey who was taken into questioning by the police regarding Malcom's death) came up with a plan to sell soup Kazima, Tyler, Jody, Harry and Floss had made. This raised enough money to pay for Mischief's medical bills.

Subsequently, Mischief was brought back to live at Ashdene Ridge and stayed in Bailey's bedroom.

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