Miss You!
Series 01, Episode 25
Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 09.42.22
Director Unknown
Writer Unknown
Air Date 8 October 2002
Previous Need Armbands
Next The End!

Miss You! is the twenty fifth episode of the first series of the CBBC series "Story of Tracy Beaker" which was first broadcast on 8 October 2002.


The video recorder is broken. The kids decide to have a sale and buy a DVD player, but the items they want to sell don't amount too much, so it's a perfect opportunity to clean out the loft.

The mood for selling is shattered however when Mike announces that he is leaving the Dumping Ground to go to another care home.


Mike: (After taking the blame for breaking a window) Anyone squeals, they get rat poo in their cereal.

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