Nathan Jones is a care worker in Story of Tracy Beaker, starting in series 2 and becomes a permanent member of staff from the end of series 2 to the end of series 3.

Although he has been accused by his co-workers as well as some of the other children of being unprofessional, his 'childlike' manner allows the residents to trust him. Unfortunately, his behaviour also causes trouble and unintentionally hurts the residents' feelings.

For example, Tracy becomes cross with him when he accidentally ruins a t-shirt which Cam sends her from New York. Furthermore, he also has to be reminded to complete his coursework. Nathan, however, can always be relied upon to view situations from the residents' point of view. Nathan is particularly fond and protective of  Dolly even though she lost him a girlfriend. He is sometimes referred to as the 'oldest kid in the home.' He is like a big brother to all the kids although he acts like one. He is kind especially to Dolly.

Even though Nathan can sometimes come across as a hopeless care worker, and doesn't have a clue what to do. He proved that wrong when Crash was struggling with his anger and was getting worried that he was just like his abusive dad. Nathan reasurred Crash that he is not like his father, and decided to make Crash his own anger management room in the basement. Where he could throw chipped or cracked plates and bowls at a target board whenever he started to become angry or overwhelmed with things. Of course, he had protction to wear (hard builder's hat and goggles).