Now You See Me
Season 3, Episode 5
Now You See Me
Air date 6 February 2015
Written by Jane Eden
Directed by Nigel Douglas
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It's Not About the Money

Now You See Me is the fifth episode of the third season of The Dumping Ground. It was broadcast at 5:30pm on 6th February 2015 on CBBC and the CBBC HD Channel.


Kazima introduces Tee to her friend, Roscoe, a graffitti artist. Elsewhere, Mo and Jody try to spot a rare bird.


  • The title appears to have been taken from the phrase "Now you see me/it, now you don't".


  • When Toni is spraying water, from the garden hose onto Jody and Mo, Mo says "Billie, stop!" when it is actually Toni spraying the water and they don't know that Billie put the hose on.
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