Oh, Mo!
Series 1, Episode 10
Oh, Mo!
Air date 01/03/2013
Written by Elly Brewer
Directed by Diana Patrick
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"Oh, Mo!" is the tenth episode in the first series of The Dumping Ground. It aired at 17:00 on 01/03/2013 on the CBBC Channel.


The Dumping Ground residents learn to put up with an eccentric new boy named "Mo", who enjoys making arts and crafts out of rubbish.


The episode opens with Rick strumming his guitar. Tyler is present in his room, reading a comic, when Frank asks the boys if they want to play cricket. They agree, and Tyler goes to get his trainers. They all follow Tyler to his room, where they find that Mo, who has recently come to live at the Dumping Ground, is playing with rubbish on the floor of the room, which Mo claims is "treasure". Tyler protests that his bedroom is not a rusbbish dump and takes a couple of bags out of the bedroom. Mo begs Tyler to stop what he is doing. Tyler asks Mo if he will take it to the rubbish bins, but then continues to the stairs on hearing that Mo doesn't intend to do it immediately. He proceeds to tip Mo's belongings over the bannister and onto the ground, much to the amusement of the other young people.

Tyler leads Mike back to his bedroom, saying that he cannot share a room with Mo any longer, having become fed up with him emptying rubbish into the bedroom. Back downstairs, Frank, Jody and Tee are helping Mo pack his treasure back into the bin bags. Elektra is sitting on the couch, refusing to help. She then notices on her shoe a pearl with a hole in it, and notices that Jody has picked up a string with a clasp at the end of it. This prompts Elektra to start helping. Mo then tells Frank that he is squashing too much "treasure" into one bag, prompting Frank to leave. Mike then comes back downstairs and tells Mo that he must promise not to bring anymore rubbish into the house. Mo agrees. However, Mike then tells him that he must store his treasure in the attic, which Mo is not happy to learn. However, Elektra then tells Mo that it is where everyone keeps their treasures, and Tee agrees to show him.

Mike goes to see Gina outside, who is trying to make a deterrent using string and foil to keep pigeons away from eating her cabbages. He tells her what Mo has been doing and that Tyler wants his room back, to which Gina asks Mike where they are going to put Mo.

In the attic, Tee shows Mo some of the treasures that belong to the other DG kids. Mo says that he likes Tee because she is nice.

In the office, Mike is talking with Rick, concerning Tyler moving back in with him on the grounds that they have shared before. Doing this would give Mo the room to himself. Rick eventually agrees, on the grounds of getting half an hour on the computer for a fortnight and ice creams for everyone.

Mike goes upstairs to clean the carpet of Mo's room, while Gina starts packing Tyler's comics into a box. Out in the garden, the other are playing cricket. Mo comes to thank Tyler for moving out (and so getting the room to himself) and tries to give Tyler a hug (to the amusement of the other residents). This leads to Jody shoving Tyler into Mo, knocking Mo over. The young people gather round him. Mo has become fascinated with ants that have started crawling over his hand. Rick asks if he would like to come for ice creams, but Mo says that he is busy, so the others leave him.

In the attic, Jody finds Elektra doing something with Mo's treasure. She asks Elektra what it is. Elektra tells Jody it is none of her business, but Jody yanks at a bag in Elektra is holding and discovers that Elektra was collecting pearls.

In the garden, Gina and Floss are still constructing the detterent. Gina sees Mo on all fours and asks what he is doing, to which Mo replied he is following ants. Floss says that they are scaring birds. Mo says that they need a scarecrow for that and offers to build one. Gina refuses.

Up in the attic, Elektra has told Jody she was making a bracelet from the pearls, which she claims are worthless, and did not want to tell her as she was going through Mo's things. Jody counters saying that Elektra doesn't make girly bracelets and the pearls do not look worthless. She asks Elektra if she is going to confess, or if she has to bring the others upstairs, who are waiting for Jody to come down so they can get their ice creams.

The others leave without Jody to get their ice creams. Tee says that she thinks Mo is sweet, much to the amusement of the others.

Back at the DG, Elektra explains to Jody that the pearls are genuine. Jody says that they will thread the necklace back together and flog it, threatening Elektra with revealing what she has been doing if she does not let her help her. Mo then comes up to the attic. Elektra claims that they were checking Mo's treasure because a bag fell over. Mo buys this excuse and says that he has come upstairs for a surprise he is making and tells the Elektra and Jody not to go into the telly room, because it will spoil the surprise. Elektra and Jody leave while Mo starts searching through his treasure.

The others return from ice cream. Floss and Mo (covered in jam) find the others in the hall and declare that they have a surprise in the lounge. They soon see what the "surprise" is - Mo has taken rubbish and things belonging to the other kids, put jam on them, and has brought ants into the house. He declares that this is an ant theme park. This leads to the other kids, aside from Tee, who sticks up for him, shouting their heads off at Mo.

Mo goes to stand in the corner of his bedroom to punish himself. Mike says that he does not have to do that, but also tells him that he must not take other peoples' belongings without asking. Mo agrees and says that he would like to apologise to the others. Mike agrees, but says that Mo must have a shower first.

Back downstairs, the others are cleaning up Mo's "ant theme park". Gina tells the others not to be harsh on Mo, but stops short on explaining the circumstances as to why he is living at the DG.

Upstairs, Jody and Elektra discuss what they are going to do with the money from flogging the pearls, only for Floss to barge into the room and ask what they are doing. Jody explains they are making a necklace and Elektra explains it is a surprise and Floss is not to tell anyone. Floss agrees on the grounds they let her help.

Outside, the others are still cleaning up from Mo's "surprise". Tee wonders to Carmen where Mo was living before he came to live at the DG, but Carmen and Johnny both knock Tee's idea. Mo then comes out to apologise. Gina then hears pigeons and shoos them away, prompting Mo to offer to build his scarecrow again, which Gina again refuses.

In the bathroom, Mo tells Mike that he can build a scarecrow, but Mike tells Mo that it will be a big job for one person.

Having finished brushing his teeth, Mo aska Tee if he will help him build a scarecrow. Tee refuses as she is going to Lily's with Carmen. After Mo bids everyone goodnight, Mike convinces Tee to help build Mo's scarecrow, as it would boost his confidence. Tee agrees, but is not too happy about it.

Later that night, Mo disturbs Tee by bringing her a plan of the scarecrow. Tee bites Mo's head off for intruding and has to throw him out when he refuses to leave.

The following morning, Elektra and Jody have nearly finished the necklace. There is just one problem: the other end of the clasp is missing and neither of them want to look through the bags to find it. Floss then enters Jody's bedroom asking if the necklace is finished. Elektra and Jody get an idea.

In the attic, Tee tells Mo that she is in care because her mother got a new boyfriend who hated them. Mo then opens up as to why he is in care: he used to live in a shed with his parents and was taken to Elm Tree House because he needed to be looked after better. Floss then arrives in the attic, having been sent upstairs by Elektra and Jody to search for the pearls. She gets distracted by what Tee and Mo are doing and starts helping.

Jody comes to see Elektra in her bedroom, annoyed that Floss has been up in the attic all morning and has not found the clasp despite there being only one bag of rubbish. Elektra tells Jody to look for it herself instead of annoying her.

In the attic, Jody finds Floss with the others, who have nearly finished Mo's scarecrow. Floss yells at Jody she has not found "it" (the clasp) yet. Tee asks what Floss meant, to which Jody replies "nothing", turns to Floss and puts her finger to her lips.

Later that day, Elektra and some of the other kids are in the telly room when they hear Mo and the others bringing the scarecrow down from the attic. Johnny, Frank and Harry offer to help carry the scarecrow out. Elektra takes Jody aside and asks if she has found the clasp. Jody explains that she has been helping the others with the scarecrow all morning. Elektra tells Jody to go back upstairs while everyone is outside, but Jody refuses.

The scarecrow is assembled outside and Mo asks to have a photograph with Tee (much to Tee's ire). He then has two copies of the photograph printed off (one for him, one for Tee) by Mike, and tells him that Tee is his best friend.

Tee is in the living room with Frank, watching the television. Mo brings Tee her picture, to put in her room. Tee tells Mo that she will do it later, to which Mo offers his help. Mo then asks Tee what she wants to play with him next, to which Tee replies "nothing" because she is watching telly. Mo then squeezes himself in-between Tee and Frank (to Tee's annoyance). Mike then calls that dinner is ready.

Carmen returns from Lily's and shows Tee some photos of Jonah. Mo asks to see them as well, but Tee tells him to go away. Carmen says that Tee is now the one being harsh, to which Tee replies that Mo will not leave her alone.

In the dining room, Mo asks if he can sit next to Tee. Carmen at first defends Tee, saying that she does not want to sit next to Mo, but this only prompts the others to take the mickey. Faith then moves to let Mo sit next to Tee, much to Tee's annoyance.

Later that night, Tee leaves the bathroom and checks the corridors to make sure Mo is nowhere to be found. She hurries back to her room, only to find Mo inside! Mo has stuck the photograph of himself and Tee with the scarecrow to her wall with sticky tape. Tee, annoyed with Mo, orders him out.

Elsewhere, Elektra shows Jody the now finished necklace. Jody tells Elektra to take her photo  and grabs the necklace, but the pearls fall all over the floor because Elektra has not tied up the clasp.

The following morning, Mo wakes Tee to tell her that he cannot find his granny's necklace and begs her to help. Tee refuses, but Mo continues to protest, saying that Tee is nice to him. Tee then gets out of bed, but rather than go to the attic with Mo, she proceeds to go to the garden. Mo follows her. Outside, Tee grabs a cricket bat and whacks the scarecrow causing it to fall over. Unfortunately, it lands on top of Mo.

Mo is taken to hospital as a consequence. In the dining room, everyone regrets the fact that they could have done more to take the pressure off Tee. Gina enters the dining room, saying that Mo does not have brain damage or internal bleeding, but is being put in foster care. Gina explains that it is because he has had a complicated start in life and thinks everyone is too much for him. Gina leaves and Johnny goes to tell Tee. Frank asks everyone who has had a complicated start in life raise there hands. Everyone raises their hands. Frank declares that it makes Mo one of them.

Upstairs in Tee's bedroom, Tee is blaming herself, but Johnny tells her it was not her fault. The others bring her breakfast in bed and apologise to Tee for leaving her to deal with Mo. Tee explains to the others that what kicked it off was Mo saying something about "Granny's pearls". She then notices Elektra and Jody looking shifty.

Mike brings Mo back to the DG. He tells Gina that he is going to sort out an emergency placement, but Gina asks Mike and Mo to come with her.

Outside, the others have raised the scarecrow back up. Tee apologises to Mo, to which Mo accepts her apology. Jody then presents the pearls to Mo (much to Elektra's annoyance), who then tells Tee that the pearls are for her. Tee refuses, and Faith adds that he cannot force Tee to accept them, but Mo explains that he is trying to say sorry. Tee accepts them, much to the joy of everyone but Elektra (who bites Jody's head off). The episode ends with everyone taking a photograph with the scarecrow shouting "MO"!


  • First appearance of Reece Buttery as Mo Michaels.
  • This is also the first appearance of Mo's parents (or as we later learn, his grandparents), but only as cartoon characters.
  • Tee tells Mo that Johnny received a number of comics from Toby.
  • Faith references Tee sticking up for Gina's mother in Dreamland.
  • This is the first time Mo has something fall on top of him, in this case, the scarecrow.


  • When Carmen is hanging her babyclothes on the washing line, when Tee starts talking to Carmen, she is putting a second clip on her baby onesie. When the camera changed angles, the onesie is already hung up and she is now putting a clip on another garment that looks like a tea cosy. She then goes to pick up another garment that looks like a baby mitten. Then when the camera changes angles again, Carmen is seen hanging the tea cosy on the washing line again, and the position where she pegs the cosy is in a different place to the previous camera angle. She then goes to pick the baby mitten out of the washing again.
  • Rick takes the photograph of Tee and Mo landscape, but later the picture is portrait when Mike prints it off (although the phone could have been set to take a picture portrait, regardless of its orientation).
  • Tee and Mo's faces are in different positions on the sheet of paper, compared to when the audience shown the photo being taken.
  • When Mo is having the picture printed off, when he asks to have another picture printed, he is seen holding a single sheet of paper. When the camera changes to a view of Mo's picture, he is now seen holding two sheets of paper without having been handed a second sheet.

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