Peter Ingham
character image
Birth Name: Peter Ingham
Character type: Main (season 1)
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 8th May 1994
Age: 8 (TSOTB S1) 10 (TSOTB, book)
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Colour: White
Social Worker: Elaine
First Appearance: Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground
Last Appearance: The End!
Portrayed by: Joe Starrs

 Peter Ingham (born May 8th 1994) was a resident in Stowey House in Series 1. He was portrayed by Joe Starrs.


Peter is a quiet well behaved boy at the time at the start of Series 1 he had been in care for under a year. He was an orphan when his parents died he went to live with his Gran. When she died he went to live at the dumping ground. Peter was very well behaved and liked Tracy however Tracy at first didn't like Peter then he became her best friend. Then Elaine had some prospective couple to take Tracy out. Both Jenny and Mike agreed that Elaine hadn't matched Tracy. They thought that they were perfect for Peter. Tracy told Peter to be bad. Later Terry and Jill take Peter and foster him. Peter felt unsettled and ran back to Stowey. After a run arround Tracy persudes Peter to return to Terry and Jill. He often believes about Tracy's mum.


Mrs Laura Ingham- Mum

Mrs Marie Ingham- Nan

Mr Peter Ingham Sr- Dad