Birth Name: Rebecca Chalmers
Alias(es): Becky (by Justine to annoy)
Becca (by Justine to annoy)
Becks (by Justine to annoy)
Character type: Main
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Light brown
Eye Colour: Grey
Skin Colour: Light
Family Unnamed step-brother
Unnamed father
Unnamed step-mother
Relationships: Justine (enemy)
Social Worker: Elaine Boyak
Home: Elm Tree House
First Appearance: Caring and Sharing
Last Appearance: The Wedding
Portrayed by: Georgina Hagen

Rebecca Chalmers is a rival to Justine and has a crush on Crash. On the Valentine episode, everyone finds out she was bullying Justine (thanks to Marco and Milly), so Crash pushes her head into Bouncers cake. In the episode "Too Many Crooks" , Justines finds Laylas Marie Antoniette doll and Chantals Locket in her wardrobe. She's the main antagonist of series five,

She has a younger half brother named Jake, whom she does not see.


Rebecca is a girl who doesn't get on with some people mainly Justine. She likes to cause trouble a lot she also has a funny sense of humour she can be quite evil. She often wears scarf headbands and was once caught by Justine in the episode "Too Many Crooks" for stealing Chantals locket and Laylas Marie Antoniette doll. She is potrayed by Georgina Hagen. She hates getting called nicknames.

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