Season 2, Episode 4
Sapphire-tracy 304x171
Air date 21/01/2011
Written by Dawn Harrison
Directed by Neasa Hardiman
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Refugees was the fourth episode of the second season of Tracy Beaker Returns. It was broadcast at 17:00 on the CBBC Channel on 21/01/2011.


When two boys who have been found in the middle of nowhere end up at the Dumping Ground, Gus attempts to work out who they are. Elsewhere, Tracy secretly brings Carmen and Tee to visit Lily at Cam's flat.


  • This is the second time Cam's flat has caught fire (although this time it does not lead to anyone having to stay anywhere else while repairs are carried out).
  • Mike asks Tracy if she is trying to put all of the kids in hospital, referencing the consequences of her protest leading to Lily ending up in hospital.


  • Ade and Dayo do not know English, yet they are able to understand the young people whenever they suss out in English what the boys are trying to say.
  • When Sapphire is giving Tracy her version of the plan with the taxi, the taxi goes from being covered in rain, to being dry and to being covered in rain between takes. (Though this can be excused as it is taking place in Sapphire's imagination.)
  • When Tracy is back at the DG and she rings Sapph, Tracy hangs up before Sapph says "OK, bye".
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