Rosie Kettle
Rosie (Millie)
Birth Name: Rosie Kettle
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 2004
Age: 8 (as of TBR S3)
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Colour: White
Social Worker: Rob
Home: Elm Tree House (former)
First Appearance: Tracy Beaker Superstar
Last Appearance: Belonging
Portrayed by: Claudia Colling (Series 1)
Mille Redfearn (Series 2 & 3)
Rosie Kettle
Rosie 2

Claudia Colling as Rosie Kettle

is a character in the television show Tracy Beaker Returns. She is the younger sister of Lily Kettle and the older sister of Poppy Kettle and Jonah Kettle.


When Rosie was younger, her mother died from an unknown illness and this put her father in a bad place he became an alcoholic. Her father, Steve, was unable to care for her and her sisters, so she, Lily and Poppy were taken into care. Lily takes on a motherly role towards her and Poppy.

Series 1

Rosie is first seen watching TV with the other residents. Lily reads her and Poppy stories. Lily often sneaks into their room on a night to check on Poppy and Rosie and ends up sleeping in their room, which Gina and Mike don't think is good for the girls. Rosie and Poppy get close to Carmen, which upsets Lily. When Rosie dresses up with Poppy and Carmen, Rosie cries when Carmen upsets Poppy by putting sparkles in their hair.

Rosie, along with her sisters, gets fostered by Matt and Christie Perry. Carmen reveals that she and Poppy called her 'Auntie Carrmen'. Lily is returned to Elm Tree House, but Tracy takes Lily to apologise to the Perry's. However, an argument is caused between the Perry's and Lily when they give Poppy a tuna sandwich; This causes Rosie and Poppy to get upset.

Series 2

When Lily visits the Perry's, Christie tells Rosie and Poppy that Lily can move back in. Lily isn't sure about moving back in when she fears it will upset Rosie and Poppy.

Series 3

Along with Poppy, the girls have been enrolled into a lot aof clubs and Rosie has taken up dancing. Rob arranges a meeting for her father, Steve, to meet her and Poppy. However, Rosie and Poppy burst out crying because Steve is nervous and messes it up. Lily arranges a picnic for the girls and her dad without their social worker. Steve is knocked out by the swing and Rosie reveals to her foster mum that they saw their dad. Lily thinks it's better for the girls at the Perry's, however they agree to have visits instead.


  • In the first series, Rosie was portrayed by Claudia Colling, but in the second series she was portrayed by Millie Redfearn.