Roxy Wellard is a former resident of Cliffside and Elm Tree House I. She is Rio and Chantal's younger half-sister.


Roxy is a stereo typical goth. She is always seen wearing black and white, a high ponytail fastened with either a bronze, pink or black feathery flower band and sometimes dangly earrings. However, her face looks innocent but her badgirl look makes her intimidating. Her age is unknown but is about 8 or 9 as she looks and acts older than she actually is.


Roxy Wellard is clearly the brains of the family as most of the schemes are thought up by her, because of her small size and the fact she never fights we can assume that she is a bad fighter. Which would be the reason why she uses her brother Rio for such things. Since Rio mentions "All our dads" it is implied that they share the same mother, but not the same father. Roxy has occasionlly been nice, but was mostly just really horrible to everyone. She also is a rival with Tracy, largely becuase Tracy is immune to her intimidation and the fact that Tracy is aware that she uses her siblings as muscle. But they have had some good moments, such as when Tracy and Roxy teamed up to get rid of Bouncer as the chef in the Dumping Ground, after his food was making everyone act calm and nice, and they missed the usual Dumping Ground chaos. Roxy took it hard when Chantal left after her dad wanted her to live with him again. After Chantal left, Rio started to wish and hope that him and Roxy would get fostered, but Roxy didn't want this at first. But in Whodunnit? , it's shown in a flashback both Rio and Roxy asking Elaine about foster parents.

After the Dumping Ground

Roxy was mentioned in 5th series of The Dumping Ground . When Dexter Bellman mentioned that he had a meeting with a Youth Offender Officer called Roxy, and that she has a motorbike and a tattoo. It seems like too much of a coincidence that the writers weren't meaning it was Roxy, as it doesn't seem unlike Roxy to of gotten a tattoo and she often dreamed about owning a motorbike which was shown in various animations in The Story of Tracy Beaker.