Ryan Patterson
Birth Name: Ryan Patterson
Character type: Regular, Former
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 1991
Age: 11 (TSOTB Series 1)
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: White
Family Zac Matthews (Brother)
unnamed Mother
unnamed Father
Social Worker: Elaine Boyak
Home: Stowey House (2002), Unknown (2002-Present)
Occupation: Student
Affiliations: Zac Matthews (Brother)
Ben Batambuze
Peter Ingham
First Appearance: Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground
Last Appearance: The End!
Portrayed by: Sonny Muslim

Ryan is a character in season 1 of The Story of Tracy Beaker. Like the other children, he lives at Stowey House.


Ryan and Zac were brought into care due to abuse and neglect. [1]


Ryan is the more dominant twin of Zac. He speaks in a Cockney dialect and is interested in judo. He gets up to mischief with his twin Zac, and Maxy. Ryan doesn't usually take no for an answer. He is also often seen wearing baggy, oversized shirts. Ryan is also very handy and is quite a business man, as he charged Justine when she asked him to fix her clock, but said it was on the house when she told him that Tracy Beaker broke it.

Ryan and his twin disappeared with no explanation to their whereabouts between seasons 1 and 2 of The Story of Tracy Beaker. They either got fostered or moved to another care home.


Writer Elly Brewer confirmed on Twitter that Ryan and Zac's surname was Patterson.[2]

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