Ryan Reeves is a character in The Dumping Ground. He is portrayed by Lewis Hamilton, and is currently living at Ashdene Ridge. He made his first appearance in part 2 of the two-parter opening episode in series 3 of The Dumping Ground.



Ryan previously lived with his mother (who according to Ryan was an alcoholic, assuming he wasn't lying) and his sister, Chloe, in a flat. One day when they were little, Ryan and Chloe were left home alone while their mother went out shopping. She left Ryan to be in charge of Chloe, but he was far too young at the time to be in charge of a toddler. At some point, Chloe somehow got to the window and fell, cracking her spine and leaving her wheelchair bound for the rest of her life. Ryan's mother blamed him for this and accused him of pushing Chloe out of the window, which wasn't true. This was most likely where his mother disowned him. Ryan and Chloe's mum would usually go out pretty much most of the time leaving her two young children home alone. Ryan mentioned that he and Chloe would usually sing karaoke.

Ryan was taken into care on his fifth birthday. He was placed into Heathview House, where as soon as he arrived, a boy called Laces and his mates went through all of Ryan's stuff and ripped up a birthday card Chloe had drawn for Ryan. When it came to Laces' birthday, Ryan sold all of Laces' birthday presents as payback for what he did to his card from Chloe. Ryan was bullied a lot by Laces and his mates. Ryan also has a slight phobia/fear of ghost stories. As when he first went into care, an older boy that was about 15-16 would tell him ghost stories and convince him they were true. Ryan has also been fostered previously numerous times (assuming he was not lying to Harry). In one of his foster homes, he grew close to one of his foster brothers called Owen. Owen introduced Ryan to skateboarding, which started Ryan's interest to skateboarding. Mike mentioned to Ryan when he first arrived at Ashdene Ridge that this would be a fresh start, and what happened is now in the past. It's still unknown what Mike was referring to. Though it could have been something to do with his mental health, judging by the email he deleted before Mike could read it.

The Dumping Ground

Series 3

On arriving at The Dumping Ground, Ryan noticed an e-mail with his name on Mike's computer screen. He distracted Mike from reading it by telling him someone was trying to break into the car outside, then whilst Mike was out, he deleted the e-mail and deliberately poured Mike's coffee on the keyboard, then claimed he had spilt it by accident and gone to look for a towel. Mike bought the story. In the email, it mentioned something about Ryan's mental health. Ryan then took Mo's room, with whom he was sharing, as a punishment for the incident with the bath tub the previous day. Not happy with sharing, Ryan looked at the other rooms around the DG and eventually came across Johnny's temporary bedroom - the spare staff bedroom. Ryan tried to bribe Johnny with £10 to swap rooms, to which Johnny declined. Ryan then encountered a worried looking Mo, who had found something in the bins. Convincing Mo to show him, Ryan saw that Mo had found the missing purses. Thinking that they would be full of money (to bribe Johnny with), Ryan told Mo to leave them where they were, convincing him that he would get in trouble for it. His fingerprints all over them would be evidence enough to get him thrown in jail. Ryan later moved the purses to the attic, only to find that the money was gone. Ryan later discovered that Maude, Harry's potential foster sister, had hidden the money. It was after he lied in front of the foster family that the police were doing a search of the neighbourhood. Ryan threatened to hand in the wallets to the police unless Maude gave him the money, which she had taken to her house. Ryan then tried to get Johnny to swap rooms again. Johnny declined, as he had savings. On hearing this, Ryan took one of the wallets and planted it in the toilet that was ensuite to Johnny's bedroom. Later Bailey found the wallet. Ryan was later confronted by Tee and Mo, after Mo told her that they found the wallets. Ryan claimed that he did not tell anyone because he did not want to get anyone into trouble. Mo bought the story, but Tee did not. Unbeknownst to Ryan, Tee spied on him afterwards, trying to work out where he had taken the wallets. Maude eventually returned with the money and Ryan spoke to her in the attic. After hearing Mo sneeze outside the attic door, he suddenly told Maude to confess and later claimed in front of everyone that the reason he did not come forward earlier because he wanted her to confess. As a reward for catching the thief, Johnny swapped rooms with Ryan. The latter was quite pleased with the development. Tee, however, did not hold Ryan in the same esteem as the rest of The Dumping Ground.

In Stuck with You, Floss hand cuffs Carmen and Jody together and loses the key to unlock the handcuffs, leaving Carmen and Jody attached to one another for the day. Whilst the two are trying to use the toilet, Johnny finds the missing key. He points it out to Ryan, the missing key lying on the floor, and the two hide the key in a plant pot. When Jody and Carmen enlist the other kids' help in finding the missing key, Ryan asks for a reward in return for his and the others help in finding the key. Johnny and Ryan then decide to split the cash and try to retrieve the key from the plant pot, but are interrupted by Jody and Carmen. Once they are gone, Ryan realises that as long as the key is missing, the reward for finding it will rise and so the two decide to 'find' the key later. Later, while Johnny and Ryan were checking up on the key and discussing when to hand it in, Ryan sees the twins (Toni and Billie) spying on them. Ryan then tells Johnny that he can decide the key's fate, as he was the one who hid it. The two are then interrupted by Tyler. Once the coast is clear, the twins retrieve the key from the plant pot and keep it with them. The twins try to hide the key in the fruit bowl in the kitchen, but Tyler accidentally knocks into Toni, who then drops the key into the dustbin. Mike then takes the rubbish out, so Toni and Billie are forced to look through the bags of rubbish to find the key. Once the twins have found the key and each had a shower, they give the key to Tee. They tell her that they found it in the living room, thus securing the reward for themselves. It is unknown how Ryan and Johnny react to this.

Series 4

Ryan's true colours begin to show, as he is less willing to impress others to get what he wants. He now simply just tricks them. We are also introduced to his sister, Chloe.

Series 5

Info to be added.

Series 6

Ryan seems to have mellowed out slightly, but is still being the troublemaking schemer he's always been.


From Ryan's first appearance, he is shown to be a skilled liar, lying to remove people from the room, to get himself out of trouble and to give himself a good name. This lying makes him come across as an innocent and helpful boy, while his true colours of being manipulative and cunning are shown to people such as Maude, during "Grand Theft DG".

He is also seen to be kind to the other kids, especially the younger children such as Mo (who Ryan helps when they both find the stolen purses) and Harry (who he reassured that fostering is a good thing).

Ryan is a bit selfish when it comes to possessions. During his first episode he offers Johnny money numerous times in exchange for the spare staff bedroom. Johnny is staying in that room while his is cleaned because of the dyed water that Mo set up in an attempt to sabotage the fostering party. Although Johnny refuses to give up his room for money, he happily gives Ryan room to Ryan (choosing to share with with Mo) after he solves who stole the purses. This is most likely because it spared Johnny of being questioned by the police, so he was still able to join the army.

Ryan appears to be bright and knowledgable, as he knows that if you touch a piece of police evidence then you'll get your DNA on it. Due to this he uses a pair of disposable gloves while handling the stolen purses. He is also smart by figuring out that Maude was responsible for the stolen purses. He also knew when people were spying on him, such as Tee and Mo (when he was confronting Maude about the stolen money) and Toni and Billie (when he was discussing where he and Johnny hid the key in "Stuck with You"). He was then able to use these situations to get himself out of trouble.


Ryan is a tall boy with light brown hair, light skin and brown eyes. He has a very sharp jawline and is very thin.


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