S.O.S. is the third episode in the first series of The Dumping Ground. It aired at 17:00 on 18th January 2013 on the CBBC Channel.


Jody seems happy to be back with her family, but Carmen soon discovers she lives in terror of her brother, Kingsley, and plots a rescue mission.


Jody has returned to her family and seems to be doing well, but her mother tells Gina that she does not want Jody to see her DG friends anymore. Jody later turns up at the DG, with a bag full of presents, which Tee suspects may be stolen goods. While the DG kids then start playing with their new presents (including Gus teaching Tyler morse code with torches) Mike learns that Mrs Jackson was not even aware her daughter took a taxi across town.

Mike and Gina set up a meeting with her mum and Kingsley, and despite Jody's protests about not wanting to go home, she is pressured into doing so. She realises Kingsley knows she stole the presents and tells everyone to put the back in their boxes. However, Tee takes a tablet and replaces it with a book. Gina tries to get Rob to allow Jody to stay at Elm Tree, as she belivies that there's definetely something she's not telling them, but Rob took no notice of Gina and let Denise and Kingsley take Jody back home with them.

Carmen lends Jody a mobile phone to ring her on. However, she becomes worried when she spends the the night and the following day ringing her and Jody does not pick up. The others all get worried and Tee confesses to taking the tablet. They decide to plot a rescue mission, with Lily pretending to be from down the road (as Lily is the only child Kingsley and Mrs. Jackson would not recognise). Mrs Jackson claims that Jody is out, but then they see her from a window.

Carmen and Tyler break into the house via the back door and go up to Jody's room, where they discover she is locked in and has numerous stolen good piled stacked in her room. Jody is ecstatic to see them, but then gets angry because of the tablet (which Kingsley has punished her for). They figure out from her reaction that Kingsley hurts her. Kingsley then arrives, and Jody tries get Carmen and Tyler to leave, but as there is not time, they instead hide under her bed. Kingsley gets really cross when he comes in, because the door was unlocked, and and has a go at Luke, who protects Jody. Lily and Tee text Carman, to see where she and Tyler are. Kingsley hears the phone, and Carmen flicks it out from under the bed, to stop her being found. Kingsley reads the message from Tee, sayin 'Are u ok?' and thinks Jody's been telling her friends about how he treats her. Kingsley locks her in. Jody begs for Kingsley not to do this and tells the others he "forgets" she is locked in (and once kept her locked in for two days). Tyler finds a torch, and uses it to signal SOS to the girls, who film it and send it to Gus. They tell Gina, and she comes round.

Kingsley comes in and yells at Jody again, Only for Carmen and Tyler to come out from under the bed to tell him it was they who unlocked the door. Kingsley threatens them, but when Gina rings and enters the house, while Kingley is distracted, they run out. Gina kicks her way in, and they tell her everything. Kingsley and Gina have an argument and Gina tells her mum that she should be more responsible. Luke agrees and said it's Kingsley's fault. They are about to have a fight and Luke tells Kingsley he isn't scared of him, that he is only there for Jody and that once she is safe he will leave. Jody leaves with Gina back for the Dumping Ground.

Tee feels guilty about the tablet. Jody, however, says she is glad Carmen took it, otherwise Tyler and Carmen would not have come to rescue her and she would still be there, and says the DG is her real home.