Sally Lewis
Sally Lewis
Birth Name: Sally Lewis
Character type: Guest
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 24th December 1969[1]
Age: 45 (TDG S3)
Hair Colour: Dark brown (series 2-present)
Light brown (series 1)
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Black (series two onwards)
White (series one)
Family Tyler Lewis (son)
Unnamed husband
First Appearance: Holding On
Portrayed by: Diveen Henry

Sally Lewis (formerly Amy Lewis)[2] is a character from The Dumping Ground (although she was first mentioned during Tracy Beaker Returns). She is Tyler Lewis's birth mum.



After giving birth to Tyler, Sally was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (it is unknown if she was already suffering from the condition prior to Tyler's birth or if she developed it after giving birth to Tyler). As a result of this, Tyler was taken into care.

The Dumping Ground

Season Two

By the time of The Dumping Ground episode Holding On, Sally was considered well enough to see Tyler for a visit at Ashdene Ridge, with the eventual intent of taking him home to live with her. During the visit, Tyler took Sally to see the other Dupming Ground kids, who all decided to play a game of rounders. All of the other kids were very fond of her. Tyler, however, became annoyed at how well his mum got on with the others and accused them of "stealing his mum".

After this visit, Tyler and Sally went out on a supervised visit with May-Li to the park. Whilst May-Li was distracted reading a book, Sally talked Tyler into scarpering off. They came across and ice cream van where after attempting to buy ice creams and realising that she did not have any money on her, Sally tried to scarper off, only to end up dropping her handbag and the contents that were inside it. It was then that Tyler found that his mother had not been taking her tablets that were to treat her for her disorder. Disgusted by this, Tyler asked May-Li (who had caught up with him and Sally) to take them back to the Dumping Ground.

Feeling guilty over what she had done, Sally locked herself in the bathroom. Tyler eventually talked her into letting her in, where Sally explained that she refused to take the pills because she believed they were holding her back and went on to say that she and Tyler needed to convince Mike and May-Li that what had happened was a "glitch". However, Sally was eventually convinced by Tyler that she needed to continue taking her medication and that Tyler would wait for her.

Season Three

Prior to the beginning of season three, Sally's phone was stolen. She eventually purchased a replacement by the time of Party Games, only to learn receive Tyler's messages, inlcuding one where he told her an open day was being held at Ashdene Ridge and Tyler feared being forced into being fostered. She arrived at the DG, only to find Tyler playing pranks with an adult woman.

After Sally arrived, Tyler learnt that his mum's phone had been stolen and that she had not been able to replae it until recently. Tyler, who had believed that Sally no longer cared for him as she had not returned any of his messages, promptly regretted thinking what he had thought. The pair discussed the fact that Tyler would want to be fostered and Sally gave her blessing, although her facial expressions said otherwise.

Sally later became a suspect when the purses and the money from them went missing from the coats and bags of the guests who had come to Ashdene Ridge's open day. She refused to answer questions from the police, fearing the police would discriminate against her for having a mental disorder. Tyler convinced her to go, but on being questioned by the police, panicked and lied that she never went into the room with the coats. She later told Tyler she would be running away and did not tell him where she would be going. Fortunately, Sally was let off the hook and consequently did not run away when it was found Maude, one of the guests, had stolen the money.


The Dumping Ground


  • Sally is first mentioned (though not by name) by Tyler in the Tracy Beaker Returns episode The Visitors where it is learnt that Tyler had a birthday card from her as a keepsake. It was also the only birthday card Tyler was sent.
  • Sally is first seen in a photograph in Seriously Funny, but in this appearance she is white as opposed to being black. Fans have claimed that the lady seen in Tyler's photograph is in fact Miles Butler-Hughton's real life mother.
    • From season 2 onward, Sally is shown to be a black skinned woman.


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