Samantha "Sam" was an eleven year old girl who came to stay at Stowey House. She lived with her mother who was very strict. She appears in "Story of Tracy Beaker", episode "Friend".


During a nit season Samatha's mother fell ill on what the doctor thought was appendicitis. Samantha was taken to Stowey House in the middle of night and presumbly met Duke who put her to bed on the sofa.

Soon she was aqquianted with Tracy, Justine and Louise. Louise decided to look after Samantha and offered for her to stay in her room. Eventuly Louise got tired of Samantha because she didn't want to play, dress up and Samatha wanted to stay in the normal bed rather than the camp bed.


Samantha cutting her hair off

Tracy began to take on Samatha and made her breakfast and offered her to stay in her room and said that Samantha could take the regular bed. The two of them bond and share secrets. Duke tells Samantha that the appenditis was a false alarm and her mother was going to collect her soon.

Samantha cuts all her hair off before her mother arrives. When her mother does arrive she is far from impressed and scolds her for chopping her hair off, Tracy comes clean and is sent to her room. Samantha comes to say bye to Tracy and gives her the cheerleader pom poms. Just before the two of th

Samantha's original appearence

em take a picture to remember their friendship.

The Story of Tracy Beaker New girl series 1 episode 19

Samantha had to stay at the Dumping Ground for the night at Stone house.Louise wanted to be friends with Samantha  and play with her Louise asked her if they could play dressing up Samantha said she didnt want to.Louise went down stairs to Justine.Justine got jealous but Louise suggested she was boring.Samantha had stayed for the night because her mum was ill with appendix.Tracy went upstairs to her she said she could sleep on the camp bed and Samantha on her bed.Samantha thanked her and they actuallly got on and become friends.They went down stairs together and went to the kitchen.Tracy asked if she wanted breakfast she got out bread,green jelly and whippy cream.Justine poked her nose in with Louise and said she tell Jenny Tracy didnt care and sprayed her all over Samantha copyed her putting scoopes of jelly on her Samantha said to Louise that shes on Tracys side.And ran of into the garden together to go on the swing.Samantha had brown wavy long hair with pale peach skin and blue eyes.Then as they were talking Samantha said she like Tracys hair and Tracy said her hair was curly and spragy.Samantha said she wished she had short hair but mum wouldnt let her.Tracy said to her that would her mum mind Samantha said she didnt care at all.So she cut all hair off short and wavy like Tracy then Samantha said they could be twins and gave eachother a  high five and put her hat on so her mum wouldnt notice her hair.                                                   

 Then they went down stairs and then Tracy showed Louise and Justine her dance with Samanthas cheerleader Samantha clapped her hands and then Duke said her mum will be picking her up.Then her mum arrived and she hugged her close she took of her hat then was shocked saying she doesnt like her hair short and grounding her saying no cheerleader for a week and Tracy owned up saying it wasnt her fault and Duke made Tracy appoligise Tracy said no and Duke made her go to her room.As they went outside putting things in the car Samantha saw Tracy from her bedroom window and told mum she forgot something she rushed upto Tracy and said they always be friends and quickly hugged her goodbye and took eachother a photo.

The end


  • She was portrayed by Imogen Brown
  • Samantha was a cheerleader