Sammy Doyle is a former resident of Ashdene Ridge, where he stayed briefly whilst his auntie was in hospital.
Sammy Doyle
character image
Birth Name: Sammy Doyle
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Ginger
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Light
Family Unnamed Auntie
Home: Ashdene Ridge (Briefly)
First Appearance: Risky Business
Last Appearance: It Takes Two
Portrayed by: Roderick Gilkison



Sammy previously lived in a foster home, but was due to move in with his aunt who had acquired custody of him. Unfortunately, his aunt fell ill and as a result, Sammy was brought to live at Ashdene Ridge.

The Dumping Ground

After arriving at Ashdene Ridge, Sammy slipped away from the office whilst Mike and May-Li were distracted and entered Carmen and Kazima's room without their permission. Whilst trying on their sunglasses and hats (which the girls confiscated off him after he tried them on), he was informed that there were numerous rules at the Dumping Ground, including that he was forbidden to open doors and enter rooms without permission.

Later that day, Sammy was playing football with Tyler and Finn, only to overhear what sounded like a crying baby in the shed (in actuality it was a baby doll Jody was meant to be looking after). Remembering what Carmen and Kazima had told him, Sammy left it alone, though he did mention to Jody later when she came looking for the doll in the garden, later, that he had heard what sounded like a baby in the shed. Defending himself as to why he had not investigated the crying, he mentioned that he was following the rules, only to be told they had exceptions.

In the next episode, Sammy was interested in playing Mo's game but he later left because Mo told him to. He overhears Floss threatening Finn and tells him to stand up.

In It Takes Two, Sammy follows Tyler around, wanting him to like him. After Tyler shouting at him, he tries one of Tyler's tricks and climbs up to the roof. May-Li calls the fire brigade whilst Tyler and Mike calm him down and tell him to stay still. After the fire brigade goes, his Auntie Peggie arrives and takes him whilst he gives Tyler his blanket.