Sasha Bellman is a character from The Dumping Ground. She is played by Annabelle Davis and, like her actress, has Dwarfism.



Sasha lived with her mother and her brother Dexter. Their father was absent from their lives and with their mother working all ours to support the family, Sasha was forced to steal food to support herself and her brother. This led to Sasha being caught numerous times by the police and shifted around different care homes. She was to be sent to a secure facility, but before this, was to spend three days at Ashdene Ridge.

The Dumping Ground

On arriving at Ashdene Ridge, Sasha immediately caused a rift between herself and the young people by (perhaps hypocritically) calling Floss "Shortie". On the day Sasha arrived, the other residents were going on a trip down south to visit Lily, an ex-resident. However, Sasha was forbidden to go on the trip, but she stowed away on board the minibus regardless. Unfortunately, she was found by Floss, and after being cheered off the bus by the other residents, grabbed a mallet and smashed the minibus's headlights, preventing anyone from going on the trip.

Retreating to her bedroom, Mike spoke to Sasha, telling her that he was not going to report her to the police and was trusting her with the keys to her bedroom. Sasha then decided to set things right and made a sandcastle in the kitchen, only to learn from Carmen that the kids had tried having a beach in the garden before, which ended in everyone having rashes from playing in builder's sand. Sasha then said that she had never been to the beach before, leading to Tyler suggesting that Sasha have a bucket list. This led to Sasha wishing for three things: her photograph on the wall (like the other young people), to watch a movie the whole way without being thrown out and a proper Sunday roast dinner (even though it was not Sunday). Unfortunately for Sasha, Floss was not on board with the idea. She sabotaged Sasha having her picture on the wall by secretly removing the ink cartridges, which led to Sasha not being able to have her picture on the wall. Then while everyone was watching the movie, Floss then put lots of salt into the popcorn, then hid the printer ink Mike had bought and lied to Sasha that Mike had not bought any printer ink, that he only said he went to get it to keep Sasha quiet and everyone went along with her bucket list to get a reward for putting up with her. This led to Sasha shoving over the table with the roast dinner and retreating to her bedroom.

Later that night (or in the early hours of the morning) Sasha left her bedroom and rang one of her old friends in an attempt to find somewhere to kip for the night. Unfortunately, for Sasha, the friend hung up and Sasha spent the night on Ashdene Ridge's grounds, but not in her bedroom.

The following morning, Sasha spotted Tyler and Jody putting up "Missing" posters with her face on them. She then went round to the back of the house where she found Floss throwing away the ink cartridges she had stolen from the printer. They then ended up having to rescue Bailey, Mo and Ryan from the neighbours' house, after May-Li had locked the bos in, unaware that they were there. Floss fetched the key to unlock the door as well as the alarm code, which Sasha tapped into the alarm. Sasha then helped to take Mo's videotape out which had got stuck inside the VHS player, having had experience fiddling with videotapes that had got stuck before.

After helping the boys, Sasha saw everyone back to Ashdene Ridge. Mo tried to convince Sasha to stay, while Bailey told her they would not tell if she ran away. Sasha did not want to go on the run, and not wanting to be locked up either, asked Mike if she could stay. Mike agreed to this and said that he would delay Sasha going into the secure accommodation for a week as long as Sasha behaved herself.

In Perfect Match, Sasha's mum calls her to their house and tells her that she is going to have a baby girl. Sasha is first excited to have a sister, but then her mum tells her that Kev (the baby's dad) is going to move in, and that Sasha moving in too won't work out. Sasha storms out, upset.

Later, she tells May-Li that she wants to be put up for fostering. She gets told that a couple, Lou and Ang, want to adopt her, knowing that she has a criminal record but are still up for it. Sasha is excited. When she goes to meet them, she discovers that they are 'small people' (they have dwarfism) like her. She backs out and runs to her room, but after a talk with May-Li and Tee, she goes down to talk to them. They get on quite well and go for a day out at the seaside the next day. 

Sasha talks about her mum and brothers a lot, and when they walk past a lady who says they are 'a lovely little family', she goes quiet. By the end of the day, she realises that she doesn't want to be adopted that quickly by a family who she has a lot in common with, because she already has a mum, regardless. She overhears Harry saying that he doesn't have a mum or a dad, and persuades him to get adopted by Lou and Ang instead.

A few days later, Sasha's baby sister is born, and she is revealed to have dwarfism like Sasha. 

Sasha knows that her mum will eventually need her to teach her little sister how to do things as a 'small person', because she is the only other one in the family who has it. "How to be little, but big on the inside".