"Saved by the Bell" is the 2nd episode in Series 6 of The Dumping Ground and the 92nd episode overall. It aired on January 19, 2018.


The pressure rises on Jody as she's torn between a future with her mum or one at Ashdene Ridge. She flips and inadvertently injures Archie. It's a step too far for Mike and May-Li and Jody's place at the DG comes under threat. Meanwhile, best friends Candi-Rose and Chloe fall out after Chloe shares an 'ugly selfie' that Candi-Rose wanted kept private.


  • When Candi-Rose is trying to figure out Chloe's phone passcode in the attic, a few characters' birthdays are revealed (when she is looking on the calendar, using birthdays as a passcode.) The birthdays revealed are:


  • When Candi-Rose accidentally deletes all of Chloe's photos on the laptop, Chloe says that her life has been deleted, even though she could've just recovered the photos from the recycle bin. (It could be that her laptop doesn't allow this function.)
  • It seems strange that Tyler is younger than Candi-Rose, especially as in "What Lies Beneath", when all Ashdene Ridge residents had to abruptly move out, Tyler was to live independently, yet Candi-Rose had to live in another care home.