Scary Beasts was the thirteenth episode of the first season of The Dumping Ground. It was first broadcast on 15/03/2013 at 17:30 on the CBBC Channel.


Faith's brother, Razz, shows up out of the blue with bad company hot on his heels. Meanwhile, Mo has a "magic" egg that hatches into a snake.


  • This was the only instance where two episodes were first broadcast on the same day that were not a season premiere and the second episodes.
  • First episode of The Dumping Ground to be broadcasted at 17:30. The show would move to this time as its regular slot beginning with season 2.
  • Final appearance of Elm Tree House (although the inside of it is seen in the following episode via recap footage and pictures of the old house are seen in the following seasons). The land that the house was on underwent redevelopment commencing in 2013, preventing the BBC (or anyone for that matter) from using the house, which was demolished as part of the redevelopment.
  • Final appearances of Kay Purcell as Gina Conway and Jessica Revell as Elektra. The latter would return a couple of years later for a series of web videos called The Dumping Ground Dish Up, and later for season 5's HashtagSaveTheDG.
  • First appearance of Mike the snake.
  • Razz tells Faith that he tracked her down via the donation page for her charity run in The Real Faith Davis.
  • This is the first season finale to not end with one of the characters in shot, but rather ends with an exterior shot of Elm Tree House. The next one will occur in Two For Joy
  • This was the final episode of The Dumping Ground to premiere on BBC HD. From season 2 onward, HD premieres of The Dumping Ground would premiered on CBBC HD.


  • Elektra tells Johnny the name of her gang was "The Snakes". This contradicts the Tracy Beaker Returns episode Snake Bite where her gang was named "The Cobras".