10The first series of British drama television series "The Dumping Ground" aired from January-March 2010 on BBC One and consisted of 13 hour long episodes, filmed the year previously in summer 2009. Ethan Davis was executive producer of the series.

Main Cast

  • Tracy Beaker - Dani Harmer (Episodes 1-13)
  • Mike Milligan - Connor Byrne (Episodes 1-13)
  • Cam Lawson - Lisa Coleman (Episodes 1-13)
  • Gina Conway - Kay Purcell (Episodes 1-13)
  • Liam O Donavon - Richard Whisker (Episodes 1-13)
  • Frank Matthews - Chris Slater (Episodes 1-13)
  • Sapphire Fox - Saffron Coomber (Episodes 1-13)
  • Toby Coleman - John Bell (Episodes 1-13)
  • Johnny Taylor - Joe Maw (Episodes 1-13)
  • Tee Taylor - Mia McKenna Bruce (Episodes 1-13)
  • Carmen Howle - Amy Leigh-Hickman (Episodes 1-13)
  • Lily Kettle - Jessie Williams (Episodes 1-13)
  • Gus Carmichael - Noah Marullo (Episodes 1-13)
  • Harry Jones - Phillip Graham Scott (Episodes 1-13)


Episode number Title Air date Ratings Writer
1 Tracy Beaker Superstar Friday 8th January 2010 11.25m Ethan Davis
Tracy Beaker's life is turned upside down when she finds herself back in the one place she never expected; childhood care home ElmTree House. Having been charged with credit card fraud and her life falling apart around her, Tracy finds herself forced to turn to a familiar face...

Debut: Dani Harmer as Tracy Beaker, Connor Byrne as Mike Milligan, Lisa Coleman as Cam Lawson, Kay Purcell as Gina Conway, Richard Whisker as Liam O Donavon, Chris Slater as Frank Matthews, Saffron Coomber as Sapphire Fox, John Bell as Toby Coleman, Joe Maw as Johnny Taylor, Mia McKenna Bruce as Tee Taylor, Amy Leigh-Hickman as Carmen Howle, Jessie Williams as Lily Kettle, Noah Marullo as Gus Carmichael and Phillip Graham Scott as Harry Jones

2 New Life's Eve Friday 15th January 2010 11.48m Ethan Davis
Tracy finds herself forced to face the consequences of her actions as her past catches up with her as she receives the brunt of Cam's anger. When Mike makes a surprising proposition, Gina is enraged when she learns that he has offered her a job as a care worker at ElmTree House, especially when she finds her upsetting the young people. Meanwhile, Lily and Carmen clash and Liam returns to the house after being kicked out by his foster parents.
3 Bad Luck Boy Friday 22nd January 2010 10.88m Ethan Davis
Toby finds himself struggling to cope as the day of his parent's funeral arrives following their fatal car crash. Adamant that she can help Toby deal with his grief, Tracy attempts to intervene however only ends up making matters worse as she continues to clash with Cam as they harbour secrets from one another. Elsewhere, Sapphire collides with Gina when Gina learns that she is planning to sneak off to a concert with her unreliable father.
4 By The Book Friday 29th January 2010 11.04m Ethan Davis
Johnny is intent on getting fostered and resorts to desperate measures to capture the attention of Mike and Gina, willing to resort to any lengths to land him and Tee a pair of foster parents. As Johnny and Tee collide over Johnny's controlling behaviour, Tracy attempts to deliver some home truths to Johnny, however Tee's drastic action threatens to have far-reaching repercussions. Also, Liam and Frank create a new scam in order to bring in some more money.
5 Family Values Friday 5th February 2010 10.77m Ethan Davis
When Lily and her sisters Poppy and Rosie are fostered, Carmen isolates herself from the young people and becomes intent on clashing with her peers. As Carmen desperately tries to contact Lily, she is left feeling more alone than ever when she rejects contact and cancels their plans to meet, forcing Tracy to take action to unite the young people.
6 Anarchy In The DG Friday 12th February 2010 10.88m Ethan Davis
Still attempting to get her life back on track, Tracy finds herself put to the test when she finds herself forced to occupy ElmTree House alone and soon realises that secrets from New York are returning to haunt her, leading her to believe that somebody is after her. Elsewhere, the young people descend into anarchy as they attempt to play Tracy for what it's worth leaving her job on the line as Gina attempts to fire her much to Mike's shock.
7 Secrets Friday 19th February 2010

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