So Mr Umbleby bullies all kids - even his own?

–- Floss talking about Mr. Umbleby, when finding out he forced his own son to Clarinet College.

Peter Umbleby was the next door neighbour of Ashdene Ridge and lived there with his wife and son. It was originally his wife's aunt's house, but after she died she left her home to her niece in her will. Mr Umbleby was very disgusted and horrified when he found out that he was living next door to a children's home.


Mr Umbleby is a very snobby person and not a very nice man. He likes to take charge and to be in control of everything. He has shown to be very controlling especially when it came to his wife and his son .

Throughout The Dumping Ground

Series 5



  • Simon Ludders, who portrayed Mr Umbleby, has previously starred in the first series of The Story of Tracy Beaker in the episode "Child of the Week as the photographer Brian Gee.
  • Simon Ludders has also starred in two episodes of Doctor Who. In the first episode of the second episode, New Earth as a Patient. And as an Overseer in the third episode of the tenth series, Thin Ice.