Seth Foreman
Birth Name: Seth
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 30 January 1991
Age: 26 (as of TBR Series finale)
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Dark
Family Unnamed mother
Relationships: Tracy Beaker (ex-girlfriend)

Jess (potential daughter)

Social Worker: Dr. Leah (former)
Home: 1B, Pittswood Gardens
Occupation: Social Worker (formerly; early 2011-late 2014)

Band Member

Affiliations: Elm Tree House (formerly)
First Appearance: Money
Last Appearance: Goodbye Tracy Beaker
Portrayed by: Ashley Taylor-Rhys

Seth Foreman was a care worker at Elm Tree House. He then met and became, Toby's social worker, in the Tracy Beaker Returns episode, Money, until mid-2011.

He had a very good relationship with Tracy Beaker, which led to Carmen and Lily hinting at a possible romance. Although, sometimes their relationship doesn't always go well.

Before doing social work, he was in care for half of his life. Around a possible age of 12, he had a social worker called Dr Leah (who could be Leah from the The Story of Tracy Beaker franchise) whom cared for him a lot. Seth was also bullied at school.

He was portrayed by Ashley Taylor-Rhys.


Early Life (background)

Seth was born to a unnamed mother on 30 January, 1991. His mother used to neglect him, forcing Seth to run away, and he was then sent to a care-home, and was assigned a new care-worker, called Dr. Leah, whom stood up for him. Seth was also bullied at school.


Television Series

Series Two

Money- In 2011, Seth returns, and becomes the new social worker to Toby Coleman, a former resident of Elm Tree. At first Toby thinks he's the thug who nicked the money from a bank near Elm Tree House, but is relived when he finds out it was not.