Character type: Recurring
Gender: Female
Skin Colour: Brown and White (fur)
Family Unknown previous owners
Frank Matthews (brief owner)
Lily Kettle (current owner)
Home: Unknown (prior to Belonging)
Elmtree House (briefly)
Lily and Steve's flat (Belonging - The Barbecue)
Shannay's sister's flat (as of The Barbecue)
First Appearance: Belonging
Last Appearance: Baby
Mischief (mentioned only)
Portrayed by: Connie

Shadow is the pet of Lily Kettle.



Most of Shadow's background is unknown. She may have been abused by her previous owners as she has three legs.

Tracy Beaker Returns

Series Three

In "Belonging" (her debut), she followed Frank back, from a post box, to Elmtree House. Frank, to his surprise, didn't realise her and as she was dirty and smelly, he gave her a shower - Johnny, Tyler and Gus see him do this. Shadow escapes the bathroom and runs into the living room (luckily, no-one saw this happening). Gina is walking down the hallway and hears Tyler, Johnny and Frank looking for Shadow. Gina asks them what they are doing and what all of the noise was; Gus spills the beans and Gina doesn't believe him and walks off but walks back since she gets suspicious as she hears "Woof!s" coming from the living room. Tyler, then, distracts her by pretending to woof.

That night, Gina walks into the kids' rooms to find none of them were in their beds (they were supposed to be sleeping). The kids were in Frank's room, stroking Shadow and suggesting names for her, on or surrounding his bed. Elektra walks into the room and refers to Shadow (still unnamed) as a "little shadow". She then asks what's her name - Tyler answers "I don't know" and Frank, afterwards, suggests "Shadow". 

The next day, Frank wakes up and climbs out of his bed, straight into Shadow's wee. Frank is fed up and sets out to the park and leaves Shadow by a tree. Once again, Shadow follows Frank, who has given up. He then goes to Sapphire's flat, hoping that she would be Shadow's owner. Sapphire complains and says "Why would I want a dog?!" and the flat doesn't allow pets. 

Sapphire and Frank go to the pet shop to buy better things for Shadow - a lead, some flea repellent and then go to the park so she can exercise.

Later that day, Tee and Carmen are getting things for Lily's picnic with her father and sisters. Carmen suggets that they should take Shadow, with them. At the park, Steve (Lily's dad) is pushing Rosie on a swing and Shadow but when he gets hit by the swing, Shadow sets free.

The DG kids look over the park to try and find her. Tee suggests that someone may have found her and taken her to the Dog Rescue Centre. Back at Elmtree, Elektra phones the Dog Rescue Centre and they said that someone picked up a three-legged dog about an hour before the phone call. However, there is a problem: they won't give her back without an adult ID. Elektra thinks that people would want four-legged dogs and not three-legged and that they might kill her as no-one will adopt. They have got seven days to find a way to get Shadow back.

The kids try and persuade Mike to keep Shadow by saying the good skills that having a dog would teach and saying that if she isn't adopted in seven days, she would be killed. Mike disagrees with them and Gina says that she won't be involved. The children look at Mike and he asks Frank to give him the number of the rescue place.

A few minutes later, Elektra is hammering a nail into a post for Shadow's lead; Gus and Frank are filling out a form to adopt Shadow.

The kids, then, are making a timetable for walking, washing or feeding (etc.) Shadow when Gina walks in to announce that the lady from the rescue centre said that dogs aren't allowed to go to carehomes. They start complaining and Frank walks out of the room, upset. Sapphire reminds Frank that they have SIX days to come up with a plan and they were definitely not going to let her die.

At the end of the episode, Steve and Lily go to Elmtree House to take Shadow home.

The Dumping Ground

Series One

Series Two