Shannay's good for me. Good for us.

–- Steve talking to Lily about Shannay.

Shannay Kelley was a recurring character in The Dumping Ground, who was introduced as the pregnant girlfriend of Steve Kettle. Shannay was portrayed by Holly Quin-Ankrah.


The Dumping Ground

Series One

Shannay appears in the episode Baby, where she is moving in with Steve and Lily. Lily doesn't get on well with Shannay and is upset when Shannay accidentally breaks the frame with a picture of her, Rosie Poppy. Lily thinks that Shannay is going to get rid of Shadow for her cat, so Lily goes to The Dumping Ground.

Steve goes round to try and explain to Lily, but Shannay is given a frosty reception by Lily, who tells Shannay and Steve to put the baby in care. Shannay goes into early labour and Lily feels guilty for what she said to Shannay and worries if the baby doesn't survive.

Lily goes home after she's pleased to learn she has a little brother. Steve is hurt and upset when he tells Lily that Shannay has left. LIly meets Shannay in the park to try and get Shannay to come back home as they need her, but Shannay feels that she is ruining the relationship between Lily and Steve.

Shannay returns to Steve's flat with Jonah, initially to collect the rest of her belongings. Lily has organised tea for Shannay with Carmen and Tee. Shannay is given a memory box for Jonah, which contains a family tree by Lily. Shannay tells LIly that the baby is named Jonah and agrees to stay.

Series Two

Shannay isn't seen on screen, but Lily left The Dumping Ground as Shannay and Steve had decided to take over her sister's cafe that was 200 miles away.


Shannay is a sweet, caring and thoughtful character. She cares very much for Steve, Jonah and Lily, desperatley wanting the latter to like and accept her, and not wanting to come between Lily and her father.