Series 1, Episode 8
Air date 19/02/2010
Written by Elly Brewer and Ben Ward
Directed by Craig Lines
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Sisters was the eighth episode of Tracy Beaker Returns. It was first broadcast at 17:00 on the CBBC Channel on 19/02/2010.


When Lily is brought back to the Dumping Ground without her sisters, Tracy resolves to reunite them. Can she do this while getting Gus to his orchestra audition on time? Elsewhere, Tee hides a sheep in the Dumping Ground.


Gus is practicing on the piano when Mike informs him that Tracy will be taking him to the orchestra audition instead of Gina. After doing this, he tells the other children to keep clear of the hallway so as not to overwhelm Lily when she arrives.

Tracy arrives at the Dumping Ground, where she sees a large car pull up. The car is being driven by Rob, Lily's social worker. She sees Lily inside the car, but Poppy and Rosie are not with her. Mike learns from Rob that Lily will be staying at the DG for a while.

Entering the DG, Mike tells Tracy that she will now be taking Gus to his audition as Gina will now be helping Lily to settle in.

Upstairs, Carmen tells Lily that she can have a different bed as she does not need to be close to the door to hear Poppy and Rosie. This causes Lily to burst into tears, saying that it is unfair that she has been separated from her sisters. Hearing Lily crying, Tracy yells at Rob for separating Poppy and Rosie from Lily. Rob tells her that he tried to do something and this was the last resort. The trouble has been this: Lily has been looking after Poppy and Rosie for years, as though she were their mother. When they moved to the Perrys, Lily was unwilling to let their new parents look after Poppy and Rosie. The little sisters did not know who to listen to, leading to a breakdown in communication. Tracy also learns that it could be months before they are able to return Lily to live with the Perrys. Tracy returns to Lily's bedroom and attempts to teach her with dolls and stuffed animals that she should let the Perrys look after her.

Elsewhere, Tee overhears Gina speaking with Mike over the possibility of the kids keeping pets. Hearing this, she rushes off to Sapphire's bedroom with a sheet of paper, a newspaper cutting and money that she has been saving in a sock. Tee has been saving up to purchase a pet sheep that she will name "Baaronica Bellamy Bibibulous Saffybum The First" (Saffybum is honour of Saff purchasing the sheep as Tee does not look 18).

On discovering that Tee has purchased a sheep, Gina demands that Tee return the sheep to where it came from. Instead of doing this, Saff lies to Gina that they returned the sheep to the farmer and Baaronica is hidden in Toby's room, (Toby being left to feed it). Tee later laments that it was harder than she thought to keep a sheep.

Elsewhere, thinking that she has made enough progress with Lily, Tracy concocts a scheme to drop Lily off at the Perrys en-route to Gus's audition and tells Carmen to keep quiet about it (she is later made to confess by Mike when she is unable to stop giggling at the lunch table). However, the plan fails. Lily sees that the girls are having a picnic in the garden and instead of apologising, Lily says that Poppy does not like tuna. Rosie protests that she does, to which Lily replies that she does not and then starts arguing with the Perrys as to why they gave her tuna. The little sisters start crying and they take the girls inside, locking Lily out and thus has to be dragged back to the taxi by Tracy. Gus also becomes agitated as he is worried that they will arrive late for his audition, becomes upset by Lily's crying, then refuses to get off the taxi because even though they have only arrived a minute late, he does not have time to use the loo. They return to Elm Tree House.

At the DG, Tracy is told off by Mike and Rob for taking matters into her own hands and has only made things worse. Rob says the visit will have to go in Lily's file and Mike tells Tracy she will be receiving a disciplinary note in her file.

In Lily's bedroom, Lily says to Gina that Poppy does not like tuna, to which Gina replies that she did not like tuna yesterday, but now likes it today, saying that little kids change their opinions frequently. Elsewere, Tracy attempts to apologise to Gus, saying that she will make it up to him as there will be other orchestra auditions. Gus, however, rebuffs her attempts at apologising, saying that he everything planned out, all Tracy had to do was get him to his audition on time and everything is now ruined.

Gina later finds Tracy in the toy cupboard and sympathises with her, telling her that she had her "Lily moments" when she first became a care worker. She then tells Tracy she knows a way for her to make it up to Gus.

Two people from the orchestra auditions arrive at the home in order to hear Gus play, where he proceeds to give a mini-concert which he is applauded for. Whilst Gus is playing, Lily thanks Tracy for trying.

Later that night, Mike goes to get something from the kitchen, only for Tee to give Baaronica on a leash to him saying that she does not want her anymore. The episode ends with Mike wondering to himself what to do with the sheep.


  • First appearance of Rob.
  • Final episode where Claudia Colling plays Rosie Kettle. In subsequent appearances she will be played by Millie Redfern.


  • When Mike is talking with Gina about getting a pet, after Mike gets handed the tea, when the camera cuts to focus on Tee, Mike's arm jumps from being down near the table, to suddenly being at a higher position and then lowering it.

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