Sneaking in Ben
Series: The Story of Tracy Beaker
Series Number: Series One
Story Number: 1-3
Kids: Tracy Beaker
Justine Littlewood
Louise Goven
Adele Azupadi
Ben Batambuze (returns)
Peter Ingham
Adults: Duke
Jenny Edwards
Broadcast: 22 July 2002
Format: 1 x 15 minute episode
Prod. Code: 1.3
Previous Story: Dares
Following Story: Cam's First Visit

Sneaking in Ben (also known as No Guests![1])is the third episode of the first series of The Story of Tracy Beaker. It focuses on Tracy trying to sneak Ben into The Dumping Ground.


On the way home from school with Justine and Louise, Tracy decides to stay in the park when the others return to the Dumping ground. Another encounter with Ben leads to Tracy wanting to take him to see where she lives.

But Tracy is forced to hide Ben when Jenny refuses Tracy any guests as a result of her lateness, she has to sneak him into her room, before leaving to get food. As she gets caught in the process Tracy must try and get back to her room before Ben's found. Unfortunately Justine gives the game away and Ben is at risk of being caught. Louise has to try and save Tracy. Meanwhile, Ryan, Zac and Duke have to try and deal with a mouse lose in the kitchen.

They try mouse traps but Jenny quickly shuts that idea down. Zac and Ryan actually catch it at last; Duke is very happy at this and wants to flatten it with a mallet but Ryan and Zav strongly resent this idea and guilt trip Duke into just letting it go free instead.