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Jacqueline Wilson


Nick Sharrat


United Kingdom




Children's book



Publication date

5 October 2006[1]

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Print (Paperback and Hardback)

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The Dare Game

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Tracy Beaker's Thumping Heart

Starring Tracy Beaker is the third book in the Tracy Beaker series. It was written by Jacqueline Wilson and illustrated by Nick Sharratt It was published in 2006.[2]


Tracy's school is doing a play, "A Christmas Carol" and desperately wants the part of the protagonist, Ebeneezer Scrooge. Meanwhile, she badly wants her mum to come to the play so she can spend Christmas with her and Peter is trying hard to get Tracy's attention by making a petition to get her in the school play and helping her alot. Justine also wants her dad to be watching the play.


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Tracy's school/class are doing a play, "A Christmas Carol" and Tracy would dearly love a role. She gets the leading role in the school play (Ebnezer Scrooge) but messes it up by punching her enemy, Justine Littlewood in the nose. Tracy gets back the role near the end of the book because the other kids who are auditioning for Scrooge are hopeless. Tracy is a orphan who lives in a Children's Home which she calls in her point of view "The Dumping Ground". She plans on becoming an actress just like her Hollywood mum, and she plans to make a start with this great opportunity. She desperately wants her mum to come and watch her acting Scrooge. Tracy does her very best. And spends her Christmas with Cam.


(in order of importance)

  • Tracy Beaker- the ten-year old author of her own books, which only she can read, about her life in care. Despite being in care, she is a determined child with a high temper and attempts desperately to get what she wants by either: screaming, shouting or annoying people. Throughout the books, she is fostered by struggling author, Cam Lawson She doesn't get along with any of the residents of Elm Tree House, except for Adele Azupadi and Peter Ingham however she can't stand Justine Littlewood and can no longer trust, Louise Goven, as she left her as a friend for Justine. Before going to The Dumping Ground, she was fostered sereval times and was put into care since her mother couldn't take care of her as she gave birth to her as a teenager
  • Fiery-tempered, enemy of Tracy Beaker, best friend of Louise Goven and antagonist of the books - Justine Littlewood is a girl, who is very harsh to any one who is rather vulnerable or angry in the Elm Tree House, to hide her real emotions. She is seen taunting Tracy Beaker and her friend Peter Ingham. Although close to her father, she remains contacting him very little. Perhaps, her mother has died so her dad was too upset to take care of her, like the Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground character, Lily Kettle.
  • Peter Ingham is a boy in care who has a major crush on Tracy, that she reliazes later on the book series. Tracy often describes Peter as 'weedy little Peter Ingham. He likes to be nice to everyone in Elm Tree House, including Justine. Unfortunately, he was put in care because his parents died and so did his grandma. Despite having a tough time, he is prepared to be nice to everyone he meets.
  • Louise Goven known for her blonde, highlighted with streaks of ginger (stawberry blonde), glistening hair is the former friend of Tracy Beaker, now friends with Justine Littlewood, who controls her. She appears generally nice and defenceless as she lets Justine control her, as she doesn't have any other friends. Tracy envies her and wishes she looked like her. She is in care because her parents are seperated and her mum, Amanda Goven died when she give birth to Louise's  younger brother so they were both put in care, but in differrent care homes. She has been a resident of Elm Tree House the longest.
  • Elaine Boyack, also known as Elaine the Pain is a Tracy's social worker and tries to deal with her emotional breakthroughs. Although, she means well she appears annoying to the kids at Elm Tree House
  • Cam Lawson, is a middle-aged struggling author who later becomes Tracy's foster mother when she meets her at Elm Tree House. She is an inspriation to Tracy, who desperately wants to become an author in the not so distant future. Throughout, the books she appears to like simple things in life and has a small apartment. Usually, she lets Tracy disrespect her, as she once took ten pounds from her purse. Cam has taken a liking to Tracy, as she is fiercly independent and aspires to be an author like her.
  • Carly Beaker (mentioned), believed to be an high-class actress, is the biological mother of Tracy Beaker. Tracy thinks she is even prettier than Louise as she has long, blonde hair and bright blue eyes, unlike Tracy who perhaps inherited her father's looks. She gave birth to Tracy as a teenager. Now, she is a sturrugling actress, taking on acting classes.


Tracy Beaker is back . . . and she's just desperate for a role in her school play. They're performing A Christmas Carol and for one extremely worrying moment, the irrepressible Tracy thinks she might not even get to play one of the unnamed street urchins. But then she is cast in the main role. Can she manage to act grumpy, difficult and sulky enough to play Ebeneezer Scrooge? Well, she does have a bit of help on that front from Justine Pain-In-The-Bum Littlewood . . . As Tracy prepares for her big moment, Cam is the one helping her learn her lines. But all Tracy really wants to know is if her film-star mum will make it back from Hollywood in time to watch her in her starring role?

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