Stepping Up is the third episode of the fourth season of The Dumping Ground. It was first broadcast on 5th February 2016 at 5:00pm on CBBC and CBBC HD.


Jody, Carmen and Tee enter a Street Dance contest, but can Jody overcome her nerves? Elsewhere, various shelves and doors of the Ashdene Ridge start falling apart. Has Mike failed at DIY, or is there a saboteur in the house?


  • First episode to be aired at 5pm since season 1's Esme.
  • This the second time the handle from the toilet door has been removed, after Endurance
  • This is the second time someone has vandalised the house to make repairs to it, after Cash Cows.
  • This is the second time Harry has been falsely accused of something, after Firestarter.
  • A stunt double was used for Jody's breakdancing. This is why Jody wears a cap for most of the episode, to obscure the stunt double's face.
  • Carmen's positive affirmation CDs from Stuck with You and Fake it to Make it make a return in this episode.
  • Footage from this episode is seen on the laptop in The Dumping Ground Island


  • Carmen and Tee suddenly become best friends again, even though after the events caused by Ryan in the episode "Who Are You?" in series 3, they were no longer friends for the rest of the series. But we never saw them resolve things and it was never cleared up if Carmen, Tyler and Bailey found out or knew that the tampared recordings of Tee saying bad stuff about them were true or not.
  • Early on, the subtitles call Jody "Jodie".
  • Jody grows taller during the breakdancing scenes as her stunt double is taller than Kia Pegg (Jody's actress).