If you're talking about the booze, then no. I've given it up. I'm keeping it that way. It's time I faced up to my responsibilities.

–- Steve to Cam.

Steve Kettle is the father of Lily, Rosie, Poppy and Jonah Kettle, played by Ben Cartwright. He was a recurring character in Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground.



When his wife and mother to his 3 daughters, Lily, Rosie and Poppy passed away because of an unknown, uncureable disease, Steve became depressed and turned to alcohol. Unable to look after Lily, Rosie and Poppy, his daughters were taken into care. Steve once tried to visit the girls at Elm Tree House by banging on the door and it took several police officers to take him away.

Tracy Beaker Returns

Series Two

When Lily and Tracy were taking a break whilst shopping, Steve approached Lily. Tracy saw from a distance and thought Steve was trying to kidnap Lily, but Lily revealed that the man was her father. Back at Elm Tree House, Lily told Tracy and Mike he was trying to apologise for his behaviour when he was drinking.

Along with Sapphire, Lily tracked down Steve. Steve was staying at a motel and was also attending Alcholics Anonymous. Steve upset Lily when he said he had only come to apologise and that he had no intention of looking after Lily, Poppy or Rosie. Lily wanted to be with Steve so much and Steve lied to Lily and agreed to meet her outside Alcholics Anonymous. Steve wanted to do the right thing and phone Mike and told him where Lily would be. Back at Elm Tree House, Steve wanted to do things correctly and said he was applying to lift the court order.

Steve was nervous about his first contact with his youngest daughters, Rosie and Poppy.However, the girls cried and Steve felt he had blown his chance after he messed up the story and got their hobbies mixed up. Not wanting Steve to give up on getting her sisters back, Lily lied to Steve and said Rob was giving them another chance and organised a picnic in the park for Poppy and Rosie, with Tracy supervising and Lily present. Rob told Steve that because of the picnic, their next contact could be months away. Lily told her dad that Steve didn't need to get the girls back if he couldn't, but he could see the girls.

When the residents of The Dumping Ground found out the dog rescue place wouldn't let Shadow, the 3 legged dog, live in a care home, Steve and Lily decided to adopt Shadow.

The Dumping Ground

Series One

Steve's pregnant girlfriend, Shannay, moved into his flat, which Lily wasn't happy about. Lily feared Shannay would get rid of their dog, Shadow because of her cat and she stormed off to The Dumping Ground. Steve went to The Dumping Ground and tried to talk to Lily. Steve was upset when Lily said his child with Shannay should be put up for adoption.

When Shannay went into labour, Lily started feeling guilty about the way she acted. When she went home, Steve told Lily that Shannay had moved out because living together wasn't working out. Steve was pleased when Lily persuaded Shannay to move back in because she doesn't want to be seperated from Jonah.

Lily organised an unsupervised sleepover for her, Carmen and Lily by lying to Steve and his girlfriend, Shannay, who were going away.

Series Two

Steve wasn't seen on screen, but Lily left The Dumping Ground after Steve and Shannay decided to take over Shannay's sister's cafe, which was 200 miles away.