Sufia the Silent
Series 3, Episode 20
Air date 16/04/04
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Sufia the Silent is the 20th episode of the third season of The Story of Tracy Beaker.


New Girl Sufia arrives and Tracy isn't happy at sharing a room with her.


One night, Tracy is in bed sleeping when she is woken up by a bang and turns on her light to find Nathan setting up a camp bed and apologizes for disturbing her as Shelley enters explaining a new girl has arrived and she is to share her room which Tracy isn't happy about. Tracy tries to go back to sleep only for Sufia's snoring to keep her awake.

The next morning, Tracy takes Sufia to the dinning room where she introduces her to the others and Michael uses her lack of English to make fun only for Sufia to use words Tracy told her "Bog off"


  • Sufia's painting can be seen in the living room of the Dumping Ground for the duration of seasons 4 and 5.