Summer Holiday
Series 3, Episode 9
Air date 24/02/2012
Written by Jonathan Evans
Directed by Michael Davis
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Summer Holiday was the ninth episode of the third season of Tracy Beaker Returns. It was first broadcast at 17:00 on the CBBC Channel on 24/02/2012.


Tee ruins a holiday after letting sheep into a farmhouse. Whilst she tries to make amends by searching for another holiday, Lily plots to travel to her dad's campsite in Wales.


The episode opens with Tracy writing a postcard to Cam and how relaxed everyone is on holiday, unaware that a few of the kids are preparing to soak her with water pistols. Tracy is then interrupted when the sound of sheep is heard from the farmhouse. Investigating, it turns out there are indeed sheep in the farmhouse.

The sheep are chased out from the house, but the farmer expels everyone from the farm. Mike attempts to convince him otherwise, but the farmer just tells him to leave. Mike asks the kids who was responsible for letting sheep into the house. Tee admits it was her; she left a gate open and the sheep followed her. Learning this, the other kids blank her.

Back at the DG, Tee tries to apologise to Lily and Carmen, but they refuse her apology. Lily is annoyed as she believes this is the last time she will go on holiday with the Carmen and the others and gave up going camping with her dad in Wales. She then comes up with the idea of joining her dad and that Carmen can join her.

With the other kids still refusing to let her play with them, Tee finds Tracy in the kitchen, who is cooking tonight's dinner. She lets Tee help her and tells her to put all of the red peppers into the pot. Unfortunately, Tee mistakes the chillies for the peppers, puts them into the pot, leading to everyone having an overly spicy meal and everyone being even more annoyed with Tee.

The following day, Mike and Gina attempt to find a holiday. Mike encourages Tee to find a holiday on the computer in the lounge. Tee enters the lounge where the kids take the mickey out of her for ruining their holiday and for last night's disastrous dinner. Tee starts trying to find a new holiday, with which Johnny has no faith in her. Later, Lily and Carmen come to the computer where Carmen lets slip that they are going to Wales and Lily makes Tee promise to keep quiet. Mike and Gina enter the lounge, saying that they have been unable to find a new holiday, so they will instead have "a holiday here", which fails to enthuse the kids.

Afterward, Tracy tries talking to Johnny and Frank about the way they are treating Tee, but they fail to sympathise. Elsewhere, Tee speaks to Gus (who is the only one not angry with Tee) about whether she should snitch on Lily and Carmen as she promised them and they are her friends. Gus says that a friend would not allow someone to get hurt. This prompts Tee to follow Lily and Carmen to the coach at the station to talk them out of it. Unfortunately, the coach starts moving and the girls end up on the way to Wales.

Back at the DG, the kids are having a barbecue (with burnt sausages) when Mike notices that Tee, Lily and Carmen are missing. Tracy finds that clothes are missing from Carmen's bedroom and she is refusing to answer her mobile. Gus reveals what Tee asked him. After checking the computer to see where they went, Mike and Tracy (with Johnny and Frank) head off in the minibus after the coach.

Back on the coach, Tee is asked for a ticket, but does not have one and asks to be let off even though the coach is in the middle of nowhere. Carmen gets off with her, followed by Lily afterward. They head off down a path. Carmen and Lily stop for a rest, leaving Tee to go off by herself.

The minibus cataches up with the coach, only for Mike to learn that the girls were dropped off in the middle of nowhere. They had back to where the girls were dropped off, only for the minibus to run out of petrol. However, they have stopped near to where the girls got off and see Carmen and Lily.

Elsewhere, Tee helps a woman shut the gate to a sheep pen. The woman makes a comment about people who leave gates open, causing Tee to burst into tears. The woman then learns Tee is on her own. Tee tells the woman about how she ruined the holiday and had to follow Lily and Carmen and the woman tells Tee that she was brave and leads her through a hedge.

Elsewhere, Johnny berates Lily and Carmen for letting Tee go off on her own, to which Mike says that nobody has behaved any better today, either. They come across a large garden where they find Tee and the woman that found her. It transpires that the woman is the owner of a hall Mike telephoned earlier that day, but she refused to take Mike's booking, thinking the children would be out of control, but has reconsidered after meeting Tee. After arranging to have the minibus towed, she gives Mike a holiday at half price.

Everyone is happy at having a holiday again and Lily and Carmen forgive Tee. The episode ends with Rick and Tyler encouraging Gus to take a dip in the swimming pool, only for him to push Gina in and have to be rescued by Mike.


  • This is the fourth time someone (in this case, Tracy) mentions "hayfever" as opposed to crying.
  • Elektra calls Tyler "Sherlock", a reference to the detective Sherlock Holmes.
  • This is the third time someone mentions bowling, in this case, Johnny saying that he's surprised the care workers have not taken them bowling to make up for everyone being upset.
  • While he has talked about it before, this is the first time we see Frank fishing.
  • Rick parodies the song Who Let The Dogs Out by the Baha Men, replacing the word "dogs" with "sheep".
  • Lily and Carmen are heard singing Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and The Waves whilst they are waiting for the coach to depart. The song was previously heard in the episode Viva Carmen.
  • Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard is played during the scene where Mike and the others set off after the girls in the minibus, and when we're shown the girls in coach after it has left the bus station.


  • Frank tells Tracy that he has not been fishing since his grandad's death, but we see him fishing at the start of the episode.
  • In Good Luck Boy, Gus was content with going on holiday to Florida, but in this episode he dislikes going on holiday. (Gus could have changed his opinion since then.)
  • When Carmen, Lily and Tee get off the bus, Tee says 'This looks like a path' but the subtitles read 'This looks like a bus.'
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