The Burnywood Menace
Series 2, Episode 1
Air date 7th January 2011 (as Fallen)
8th January 2011 (individual)
Written by Elly Brewer and Ben Ward
Directed by Neasa Hardiman
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Moving On
There's a reason we call this a care home, and not a care house. We try to provide out young people with a proper, loving and stable place to live. Somewhere they feel safe and valued, where the staff really care about them. And they can form real emotional ties. And just have fun, like real families do. Young people in care need to feel wanted, just like anybody else. They want to know their opinions matter. They like a challenge. Would you chuck your own children out on the street because you didn't think they were worth the money? I don't think so. But that's what the council are threatening to do here. And we're not gonna to take it. We're fighting back!

–- Tracy in her article to try and stop Elm Tree being closed down

The Burnywood Menace was the first episode of the second season of Tracy Beaker Returns. It was first broadcast back to back with the following episode Drained under the title Fallen at 17:00 on the CBBC Channel on 7th January 2011. It was later re-aired on it's own the 8th January 2011.


On learning the council wants to shut Elm Tree House, Tracy begins a campaign to prevent this.


  • Johnny mentions to Tee about Cam fostering them, which he hoped Cam would do in Moving On, despite being told Cam did not intend to.
  • This is the shortest Tracy Beaker Returns episode with a timing of 26 minutes and 59 seconds.
  • A video showing how Lily's stunt was performed was released via CBBC Extra (on the Red Button) and later via the CBBC website. It has since been removed, but can be found on YouTube.
  • The song Rebel Rebel by David Bowie is played during the scene where the young people exit the basement.
  • This is the first time Mike is suspended from his job.
  • This is the first and second time someone has climbed onto the roof, in this case Tracy and Lily .
  • This is the first time The Dumping Ground is threatened with closure


  • At the beginning of the episode, Lily can be heard screaming, when she is not there (it is the same scream she makes as she is falling of the roof).
  • Harry is holding a tin of beans in one shot, and in the next shot, you can see him picking it up.
  • In several shots, Tracy and Lily change positions on the roof.
  • When Lily slips on the slate, the slate was from the back part of the roof, but landed in the front garden.
  • Lily's hairstyle is different to when she is in the roof and when she is falling.
  • Lily's hair colour changes from fair brown to a kind of ginger colour while she is rolling off the roof.
  • Lily's back is not wet when she lands on the floor, but when it zooms out, it is.
  • Whilst Lily is falling backwards off the porch, she landed on her front.
  • Poppy (Katie Anderson) and Rosie (Millie Redfearn) go uncredited on the cast.

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