Tracy Beaker Returns Series 2 Episode 1127:50

Tracy Beaker Returns Series 2 Episode 11

"Snake Bite"

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 11.46.40

Elektra and Mandy about to leave after Tracy left them to their own business

The Cobras are Elektra's old gang who feature in Series 2 Episode 11 "Snake Bite". The Leader is Elektra's old friend Kali who, when Elektra moved Homes, got sent to the young offenders court. Kali is the Leader of The Cobras.


The Cobra's tend to steal and mug people as they are what they are used to. When Elektra joins them for a day again she isn't used to this so she confronts them. They also mug Toby while Elektra isn't around. They send Elektra a snake ring to signify their gang and to make her meet Kali at the Park. Tracy isn't to sure so she follows Elektra but is soon reasured. 

The Cobras

All The Cobras members are from homes like Elektra and Kali. There is one who despises Elektra the most for abandoning them and for not calling Kali when she left prison.

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