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The Dumping Ground is a 2013 children's drama. The show broadcasts on the CBBC Channel with 13 half-hour long episodes.[1] The main intention of the spin off is to continue focusing on Jacqueline Wilson's fictional care home "Dumping Ground" which has been the focus of previous shows The Story of Tracy Beaker (2002–2006) and Tracy Beaker Returns (2010–2012). The spin off will continue to delve into the everyday lives and experiences of young people in care, with new dilemmas, dramas and friendships.

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Gina Cronk will return as the Executive Producer along with writer Elly Brewer who worked on all three series ofTracy Beaker ReturnsNick Sharratt’s popular animated illustrations, which featured in the award-winning series The Story of Tracy Beaker and Tracy Beaker Returns will appear in The Dumping Ground. It has been confirmed that the actress Dani Harmer, who played the titular character Tracy Beaker will not star in the new series. The Dumping Ground begins filming in June 2012


Series 1 1 & 2 Freedom: Home Alone & Liberty in the DG 4 January 2013 When Mike goes on holiday, Gina is in charge of the management of the Dumping Ground. Johnny recently purchased a metal detector. Whilst searching the garden, himself and Frank discover an old rusty box. When they open the box, they discover that it contains grenades. Unfortunately, Harry does not realise what they are and accidentally lets one off. Faith grabs the grenade and throws it out the door. The grenade lands close to Gina who is getting the washing in. When Gina is rushed to hospital, a relief care worker presents herself at the home. When she arrives, the residents concoct a plan to ensure that she leaves. Left alone in the house with Gina in hospital and Mike gone on holiday, The Dumping Ground goes chaotic as Faith is left in charge, with Carmen, Tee and Lily planning to dye their hair and the kids enjoying their taste of freedom at last. Jody and Tyler are told to play a game so they decide to play a prank on Faith, by leaving Tee's bowl of hair-dye on top of Elektra's door. During an argument later on in the day, Rick and Frank play loud music, causing Gus to go mad, sick of all the noise and mix-up. Gus takes one of the grenades left behind and pulls the pin, putting the whole group of young people in a life-threatening situation. Although the bomb is revealed as 'dud'; the army are called in to search the cellar and detonate the bomb. Soon, food and money become short, with Frank and Tyler gambling the only money left. Anarchy breaks out, and rules fly out of the window. As the Young People start to turn on each other, Elektra plans her escape by impersonating a care worker in order to win a trip to Australia, however, her plan backfires when the organiser says she's already achieved everything the course covers meaning she doesn't need the trip and Gina turns up.

3 Baby Dawn Harrison 11 January 2013 When Lily's dad's pregnant girlfriend Shannay moves into the flat, Lily rebels and returns to the DG with her dog, Shadow. But soon, Shannay goes into early labour, and Lily fears the worst and starts to worry, she thinks if anything happens to the baby, it will be down to her. Meanwhile, Tee and Carmen are making a memory box for the new baby, which gives Jody an idea to make Tyler one. Jody goes round everyone taking things for it, but when she gives it Tyler, the others are horrible to her. Jody and Tyler work together to fool Johnny by saying Tyler's dad is a millionaire with pictures and other things. Lily receives a picture of her new baby brother, Jonah, in the middle of the night and Carmen urges her to make up with her dad and Shannay. There's a shock when Lily goes to see Jonah, Shannay has left and Lily thinks it's her fault. With the help of Tee and Carmen, they persuade Shannay to stay. To fill Tyler's memory box, they come up with a new ways to make his loose tooth fall out.

4 SOS 18 January 2013 Jody is back with her family and on the surface all seems well. But when Jody's mum that Jody can't go back to Elm Tree House, something suspicious is happening. The next day, Jody sneaks out of the house and goes to back to the dumping ground. Jody brought a bag of presents and the things were from his brother. Jody's stays for a night and tomorrow, Rob (Jody's socialworker) will sort things out. Kingsley finds out that JOdy has nicked all his things. Jody's mum and brother take Jody home. Carmen has been calling her call day but it turns out that she has been locked in her room because Tee forgot to returns the tablet. Carmen and Tyler go to Jody's house to rescue her. But they needed someone that Jody's family don't know, so they send Lily. Carmen, Tyler, Lily and Tee all go. Carmen and Tyler got through the house and into Jody's bedroom. Kingsley finds out that someone has unlocked Jody's bedroom. Carmen and Tyler are trapped. So Tyler sends a morse code to Tee and Tee sends the video to Gus. Can Carmen and Tyler escape?

5 What Would Gus Want? 25 January 2013 The G is divided when a same-sex couple show interest in fostering Gus. Johnny and Elektra brag on should the same-sex couple (two girls) be allowed to foster care kids, whilst Gus is in turmoil whether to leave the DG - and father-figure Mike, forever.

6 The Real Faith Davis 1 February 2013 When the police arrive to speak to Faith, the DG kids are left curious as to what she is hiding. But as they attempt to discover the truth behind Faith's troubled past, her turmoil threatens to ruin her efforts to become a runner. Meanwhile, Harry finds himself a new companion in the form of Floss, the DG's newest resident. But after hearing about all the trouble that has occurred at Elmtree in the past, Floss wonders where the hell she's been dumped.

7 The Truth Is Out There 8 February 2013 After getting bad exam results, Frank denounces school and gets a job in the local cafe. He develops a full-blown crush on the waitress, Jade, and when she introduces him to a psychic medium it seems like Frank has finally found some answers about his future. But his Dumping Ground friends worry that he's been taken for a dangerous ride. Who is telling the truth?

8 Dreamland 15 February 2013 Rick gets a huge shock when he finds his dad, disguised as a boiler man, right inside the Dumping Ground. Gerry insists that he's above board now and promises Rick a happy family future. But is Rick's father all he seems? Meanwhile, Tee takes a shine to Gina's mum, Hattie, and is furious to hear Mike suggesting that Hattie should move into a care home for the elderly, However, all is not what it seems, as Tee soon finds out.

9 A Day In The Past 22 February 2013 It's the Dumping Ground annual trip out and the Young People finds themselves living like Edwardians for the day in the country estate, to learn about history by experiencing it. Resentment and tensions build as they split off into servants and masters, and soon boundaries between real life and make-believe become very blurred. A class war begins between the slaves and the Earl, Johnny, who begins to take his power way too seriously. Meanwhile, Elektra knows a secret...

10 Oh, Mo! 1 March 2013 Mo is the Dumping Ground’s new eccentric resident and everyone thinks he’s a bit strange, especially Tyler - who has to share a room with him. Tee takes pity on him and helps him with his arty creations, but poor Mo has never had a real friend before and it’s not long before Tee starts to feel suffocated. Mo can’t take a hint and pushes Tee right to her limit, with dangerous consequences.

11 Seriously Funny 8 March 2013 A classic Tyler practical joke backfires, causing irreparable damage and Tyler is forced to re-evaluate himself; maybe it’s time he grew up. Without his comedy to fall back on, he finds himself in a dark and scary place. It’s up to his friends to try their best to convince him to be himself but will they succeed? Lily, Carmen and Tee fall out at an unsupervised sleepover at Lily’s flat. Have they all just grown apart?

12 Esme 15 March 2013 Esme, a beautiful stranger comes into the Dumping Ground and Carmen’s head is easily turned by tales of a glamorous life in Rio. The rest of the DG kids are divided over Esme, with most of them branding her a snob. When Carmen finds out that Mike is very poorly she has to make a choice: stay and the face the music at home or run away to Rio with Esme. 13 Scary Beasts 15 March 2013 A face from the past comes back to haunt Faith, and brings a gang war to the DG. Mo buys a magic egg which hatches… into a snake!.

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